Have you ever said, “I can’t because…”

  • the economy is bad
  • my boss doesn’t like me
  • my parents were mentally ill
  • I’m too (insert adjective such as short, tall, young, old, etc).
  • my mom didn’t love me
  • my dad was an alcoholic
  • I’m not (insert adjective like good, smart, worthy, or clever) enough

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” ~Richard Bach

Your mindset is powerful! If your self talk is repeatedly reinforcing your limitations, you will continue to be limited. You are the most powerful part of any change work, so if you aren’t open to a new possibility, it can’t happen. Belief and expectation are powerful. When we believe and expect that nothing will change, nothing changes. If we are open to the idea of change, the door opens. Let’s look at what I mean.“Sheila” wants to be able to drive over bridges without fear. Her fear started seven years ago when she was in a boat that nearly capsized. Anything that could result in her being in water has her terrorized. She has tried a few things to get over it, but it didn’t help. She now believes that it never will.

Sheila’s fear started in an instant, didn’t it? It wasn’t something that developed slowly or painfully. The brain is really clever like that. It can do things instantaneously to change your reality. For Sheila, this meant that she instantaneously developed a fear of going over bridges to keep her safe from drowning.

If Sheila’s brain can work that fast to program her to fear bridges, it can work that quickly to undue the fear, right?If you look around, you will see people who have the same story as you who don’t have the same limiting beliefs. How many people find financial success in a crippling economy? How many people prevail despite a boss who doesn’t like them? Don’t we all know someone with parents who weren’t the greatest that used that childhood as fuel to do better? What we are and what we do is never about outside influences. It’s always about what’s inside – your mindset.

The fabulous thing is, you get to choose your mindset. So pick ideas that are affirming, encouraging, growth oriented, and open. Let new ideas in. Be curious. Wonder, “What would happen if this were true?” When we entertain ideas like a child, we can have the miraculous growth of a child. We can achieve success. Maybe instantaneously, maybe in small steps, but change not only becomes possible, but probable.