Holistic Counseling


In order to understand how holistic counseling can help, it helps to understand the holistic paradigm. The holistic counseling approach looks at the whole person. The whole person is made up a the body, mind, and spirit, and all of these are influenced by your environment. When you have mental or physical symptoms, it’s a sign that something is out of balance. This dis-ease effects the whole organism.

Your options are to treat the symptoms you can see, which is what surgery, drugs, and coping does, heal the mind, or remove the root cause. When you work on the physical level, you are either managing the symptoms or removing what is visible while leaving open the possibility for the problem to just come back. It’s much like cutting a dandelion. When the root is intact, it comes back, doesn’t it? When you remove the root, the problem is gone forever. When this happens, we achieve health.

In order to have wellness, you must clean up the environment so that no unwanted seed can sprout there. Good seeds need good soil (a healthy environment) in order to grow and flourish. “Bad” seeds (dis-ease) flourishes in unhealthy soil. All desirable and undesirable things come from seeds/energy. When you work on the level of the energy body, you delete any possibility of dis-ease and create only wellness.

The mind is the bridge between the body and spirit. Mary Burmeister said, “You can’t heal the body with the same thinking that made it sick.” This means that in order to have wellness, all aspects of your being must be addressed. Counseling helps the client choose more affirming beliefs and learn skills that are more adaptive. It also gives you the knowledge you need to clean up your environment.

Having a healthy body is important to good mental health. How vibrant and alive do you feel when your body is sluggish, tired, or in pain? You experience your world through the body. Laura can help you adopt healthy lifestyle habits that can help your body heal itself. When your mind, body, and spirt are connected and balanced and are being nourished by a life giving environment, you have wellness.

Here are the holistic counseling services Laura Giles offers to bring wellness into your life.


BEMER works by improving microcirculation. When your microcirculation is working well, your cells get more nutrients and produce more energy. Your body has more oxygen to work with and can detoxify more efficiently. When the body has the tools it needs, it can heal itself. Ask me about a free demo.

Breath is life. Learn how to oxygenate your body, release emotional wounds stored in the body, be fully present, and optimize health.

Counseling is for to removing old, outdated programming (like “I am not good enough” or “I can’t…”), teach skills, and support to keep you moving towards your goals! Counseling techniques used may include energy psychology, somatic experiencing (SE), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), emotional freedom technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), dream analysis, or whatever the client decides would be the best approach for his or her situation.

When there is a trauma history, it’s essential for survivors to get more than talk therapy because trauma manifests and resolves physically. With trauma, it’s like the mind is being held captive by the physical body and the energy body. Laura believes that the most effective way to fully heal from trauma is by using a holistic modality that works on releasing the trapped trauma energy (seed) through the body so that the mind can reboot and heal itself.

Dream Analysis
This is not your old school Jungian dream analysis where the expert tells you what your dreams mean. This form of dream analysis helps you to expand options, become more resourceful, understand yourself, and grow beyond your current limitations. It’s a beautiful, deep, meaningful way to explore yourself.

Nutritional Rebalancing
Toxins, poor dietary choices, and unhealthy habits can throw your whole system out of wack creating unwanted symptoms. Let’s restore it naturally with food, supplements, detoxification protocols, and better lifestyle choices. “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” ~Hippocrates

Past Life Regression
Sometimes the origin of your distress didn’t happen in the here and now. When you heal the past, every moment from then to the present is transformed.