Hypnotherapy - Laura Giles, LCSW
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Hypnotherapy in Richmond, VA

Hypnosis is a heightened state of focus and relaxation that allows you to connect with your unconscious mind and make changes quickly and easily.
hypnotherapy in Richmond, VA
How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

How hypnosis works is a mystery. However, it’s commonly believed that the deep state of focus and relaxation that’s achieved with hypnosis allows us to tap into the creative, limitless part of you. Here, we can easily let go of things that hold us back and embrace things that we desire.

Is Hypnosis Effective?

While nothing is 100% effective for 100% of issues, hypnosis has definitely been used since the 1700s in the treatment of many physical and emotional issues. The art and literature of ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt suggest it goes back even 3,000 years!

Scientific evidence says hypnosis can be “very effective” for things like smoking cessation, pain, depression, skin disorders, gastrointestinal issues, stress, phobias, and the alleviation of trauma symptoms.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that the client has to be open and willing. Having a sense of safety boosts effectiveness so that the client can let go.

Who Cannot Be Hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of all of the time. Therefore, everyone people can be hypnotized. However, some people will struggle more than others.

Perfectionists –  The more you worry about getting it right, the harder it will be. The less you try, the easier it is.

Lower IQ, Neurodivergent, or Brain Damage – Hypnosis requires that you pay attention, be still, and use your imagination. If this is challenging, hypnosis may have diminished benefits.

Intoxicated People – You need to be fully present to benefit.

Fearful People – If you are afraid of the process, you won’t be able to relax, let go, and participate fully. If you have questions, please get answers that you feel good about before proceeding or else it may be a waste of time. Also, find someone you feel comfortable with. It matters a lot!

Challenging People – People who come in with an attitude that hypnosis is about relinquishing control to the hypnotist won’t be hypnotized because they don’t realize that they are in control. If you’re fighting it, of course nothing will happen! Hypnosis isn’t something that is done to you. It’s something you participate in.

Preconceived Notions – Those who have preconceived notions of what it’s “supposed to be like” may not get the desired effect if their imagination doesn’t live up to the actual experience. Hypnosis is different for everyone and differs from time to time. Some common experiences are feeling light, floaty, or heavy. You may twitch, sigh, or breathe differently. The perception of time may be distorted.

I'm Ready! What Next?

My hypnotherapy is for hard-to-shift issues.


I believe the mind, body, and spirit can heal itself and we are going to get out of the way so that you can do just that.


You don’t have to know what the problem is. In fact, if you chase symptoms, you may miss the core, so it’s better if you release what you think the problem is, and let your unconscious mind work it out.


A person’s maladaptive behaviors and thinking may change after a single session. It may require two or three, but your package includes up to six sessions just in case you need a little extra TLC.


Each session lasts up to two hours. The time in hypnosis is 45 minutes to an hour. The rest of the time is pre-talk, where we talk about what we’re going to do and review where we are now. The post talk is for you to chat about your experience (if you want to) and ask any questions.


You will get a recording of each session. Your homework is to listen to it once a day in between sessions. More is more.


Not local to Richmond, Virginia? No worries. It’s virtual!


Your investment for this opportunity for transformation is $2400.


If you’re ready to see if you’re a candidate, email me. Let’s talk!


Your new life could be weeks away!