Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA

If you are looking for no nonsense, drug-free, permanent resolution of mental health issues, you’re in the right spot! Specializing in treating the “hard-to-help” who have not been successful with traditional therapies. If you are ready to leave your problems in the past, let’s get started on creating a new future.

What Makes Laura Giles Different?

Most practitioners focus on coping with and eliminating symptoms. Laura goes for the root cause. When the root cause is addressed, wellness is achieved and improvements are noticed throughout the client's life.

Studies say that a combination of psychotherapy and drugs work best for most problems. Laura understands that 450,000 deaths each year are attributed to preventable, medication adverse drug reactions. While Laura recognizes that prescriptions are sometimes necessary, her interventions are targeted to reduce or eliminate the need for drugs.

When Laura Giles says she practices "integrative mental health," she means more than just deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation. She is trained in many more modalities that impact the mind, body, and spirit because every person is different.

When Laura Giles was an intern, she was routinely given the tough cases that nobody else wanted. She cut her teeth on helping people other people had given up on. She is not intimidated by what is not easy and will not give up on you.

Laura Giles likes to work smarter not harder. This has helped her to develop techniques that work quicker and produce long term or even permanent results. Instead of being in therapy for decades, you can be out living your life.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want holistic counseling in Richmond, VA, the choice is clear. Call Laura GIles, LCSW.