So much pain in this world comes from the perception that there is not enough love. People don’t see love because it doesn’t come in the package that they think it should come in. There are so many qualifiers for types of love that we can miss it while we’re standing in a sea of it. If you want shift your relationship with love, learn to see that all love is love.

Love is an energy that just wants to flow. It doesn’t care if you direct it towards your plant, boots, mother, baby, lover, or God. It isn’t a lower quality love if it doesn’t rage within you or it’s expressed in small acts of kindness. All love is love.

Love doesn’t care if you send it out and the object of your affection doesn’t return it. Love doesn’t keep score. Humans do. So, if you want it to flow, stop keeping score. Don’t set limitations on who gets it or how much each person deserves. Let it flow freely, without limitation, and you will have more of it.

People who flow with love glow. If you have ever experienced new romantic love and all of a sudden romantic prospects come out of the woodwork to admire and flirt with you, you know what I mean. When you turn it on and receive it, you become more alive and vibrant. So why wouldn’t you do that every day? You’re the one holding the supply hose. Turn it on! Receive it.

If you think that there is no one to give it to or receive it from, think again. Love God. Love Nature. Talk to your pet or your plants. They always receive it. Receive from them. It’s a start.

Weird things begin to happen when you cultivate love. It grows. It becomes stronger. You start out loving your plants and then you’re smiling at strangers. The next thing you know, you’re walking on air and singing happily. You become a delight to be around, so people are nicer to you. Your heart swells and the capacity for how much love you can hold increases. And before you know it, you’re a love fountain that nourishes yourself and everything around you.

And if you were worried about not finding a partner, that becomes insignificant because your heart is full of love. You don’t need one person to love when you have the whole world. But paradoxically, you may also find that it’s so much easier to find that one person because your light is so bright that you’re hard to miss.

All love is love. If you don’t think you have enough, turn it on. Receive it. It’s in such abundant supply.