Holistic Trauma Therapy for Adults 

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” –Louise Hay
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Comprehensive trauma treatment that will have you feeling like a new person quickly!

Laura Giles

“If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want a holistic solutions to get to the root of the problem, call now.

Offering no nonsense, drug free, permanent resolution of mental health issues. Specializing in the treatment of “hard to help” problems.”

Laura Giles, LCSW

Trauma Therapy

You can’t thrive until you treat the root cause of the issues.


Using technology, not pharmacology to create wellness.

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Laura Giles, LCSW

Laura Giles, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, speaker, and author based in Richmond, Virginia. Her passion is helping people achieve their dreams and become empowered to solve their own problems. Laura Giles has appeared as an expert guest on radio talk shows across the country and also in newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Herald (Chicago), New You, The Journal Gazette, Almeda Times-Star, Tacoma News Tribune, and East West Woman.

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I Have Experience With…

Narcissistic Abuse

Whether you grew up with an invalidating parent, sibling, or deal with a co-worker, lover, neighbor, or boss, Laura understands how traumatizing this can be and knows what to do to help you bounce back.

Relationship Therapy

Laura doesn’t work with couples because she believes that if you fix what you bring to the issue, most of the problems go away. Want to heal your relationship? Let’s start with you!

Paranormal PTSD

 Mysterious things are a normal part of reality. If you are dealing with something that has changed you or terrifies you, let’s talk. You don’t have to know what it is, believe in it, or understand it to heal it.

Religious Trauma Syndrome

When religion is dogmatic and extreme, you may need some TLC to get your feet back on the ground and feel a bit normal again. Religious trauma syndrome is a thing. And it can heal.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Did you know that anxiety and depression should not occur at the same time? Yep. Anxiety is nervous system arousal. Depression is the opposite. When they happen at the same time, it’s often a result of PTSD. You could be dealing with complex PTSD. Let’s talk about it. 

My Approach & Philosophy

Laura Giles works holistically and gets at the root of the problem so you aren’t coping with issues. You are healing them.

She may approach healing through the body, mind (your thoughts), emotions, or the spirit. Since it’s all connected, there isn’t a right or wrong way, just a more efficient way. 

This might mean that we aren’t chasing symptoms. We are going after things you can’t see, but impact your functioning, just the same. You will know it’s working when you feel better.

Healing doesn’t have to take a long time or be hard. If you show up, don’t overthink things, and don’t do too much or too little, your body will heal itself. 

My Blog

Client/helper fit is very important. To get a sense of my perspective, please check out the articles in my blog to see if they resonate with you.

What Are “Adverse Religious Experiences?”
What Are “Adverse Religious Experiences?”

For most of us, spirituality is a strength. It is what gets us through hard times. Spirituality bonds us to a community and creates traditions. However anything, including things that are typically positive, can be made into something traumatic when there is misuse or...

When Is Ghosting Okay?
When Is Ghosting Okay?

Back in the day, there was no such thing as "ghosting." If you were to abruptly stop talking to someone, which is what ghosting is, you'd be considered rude and passive-aggressive. It just wasn't done. People had empathy and followed the "do unto others as you'd have...

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