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Nutrition Balancing

Nutrition Balancing uses food, a detox protocol, and supplements to bring your mind, body, and spirit back to peak performance.

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July 4- 12, 2014

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Counseling is just one element of holistic care. Skills, support, and perspective can be an important part of your journey towards balance. Read more about my wellness philosophy to see if we’d make a good fit.

Nutritional Balancing

Improving your skills, lifestyle habits, and ways of thinking will only get you so far if your body is working against you. Find out why mineral balancing not only makes you healthier, but it makes life so much easier and joyous.

Neurofeedback (LENS)

Your brain is the master control of your mind and body. When it’s out of balance due to trauma, poor diet, or exposure to toxins, it impacts every aspect of your life. Whether you want performance enhancement or to get out of the dumps, this may be your answer.

Quantum Touch (QT)

What happens in the physical world starts in the energy world. The quickest way to manifest change and keep it is through energy. The best things about QT are that it can be done long distance and you can easily learn to do it yourself and others.