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What’s the Difference Between Modesty and Self-Deprecation?

I am back on social media. (Follow me here and here). One of the first things that I saw was a picture of a person who looked beat. The caption said, "Me after pretending to have it all together" or something like that. I suspect that people do this to appear humble, vulnerable, modest, and relatable. All of those traits involve being real, down-to-earth, flawed, and willing to admit it. Those are healthy things. Self-deprecation is something else entirely. It's negative self-talk that is damaging to your self-esteem and relationships. Let's look at the difference. What Is Modesty? Modesty is a middle path way of evaluating your own importance. You're neither over-estimating your value nor underestimating it. Practicing modesty is a way to stay connected to others by not raising yourself above them,...

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