What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a holistic therapy that uses conscious, intentional breathing techniques to facilitate emotional release and relaxation. By breathing fully into body- expanding your lungs, belly, back, and sides in a circular method, breathwork can positively affect body as well as emotions.

Breathing in an open, healthy and connected breath our bodies naturally begin to release physical tension, reduce stress, and release toxins (through the lungs). As your technique improves and becomes more habitual, you will begin to physically relax the exhale. This type breathing can release even deeper emotional and mental patterns allowing you to spontaneously release old trauma and limiting beliefs – even those that are subconscious! This opens the path for living a more open, happy, healthy, peaceful life and feel more connected to ourselves, our purpose, and the greater universe.

Results can be seen within a single session; however, consistent, conscious connected breathing is recommended for best results.


It’s easy to dismiss breathing as a therapeutic tool because we all breathe every day, right? It’s something that we do naturally. Babies instinctively know how to breathe efficiently. However, every time we tighten our bodies in response to loud noises, being startled, being scared, or feeling nervous about anything, we begin to lose that natural looseness, that easiness.

By the time we are ten years old, most of us have become chest breathers. If we are female, fashion dictates that we suck our bellies in which enhances the chest breathing and cuts off our air. The older we become, the more constricted our breathing becomes. If we have endured trauma (and who hasn’t?), this is even more exaggerated.

So, what feels like a deep, full breath may not be particularly healthy at all. Learning how to breathe again and/or doing therapeutic breathwork can have a tremendous benefit to your nervous system as well as psychological and physical health.

While this is ultimately a self-help technique, breathwork is best learned through regular facilitated sessions. Practice on your own is not recommended until you are familiar and comfortable with the process as unexpected emotional release can happen leaving you in a vulnerable state without support. Once you have completed about ten sessions (on average), you will be comfortable and skilled enough to safely breathe on your own and continue your growth.

If you are looking for breathwork in the Richmond, VA area, why not set up an appointment now? It’s a fabulous way to feel your feelings, be in your body, and connect with the rhythm of life safely.