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Follow Your Wild Heart

I see a lot of people who feel like they don’t fit in, that they don’t belong where they are. They endure superficial conversations because the people around them don’t see them and can’t relate to them. Maybe they are lonely because they aren’t interested in what’s popular or trendy.

There is a lot of pressure to conform. It would be easy to think like other people think and do what they do. Follow the well worn path wherever it leads. But these people value their authenticity more than being liked or accepted. These people follow their wild heart.

This is not the wild heart that some try to capture by drinking or drugging binges, sexual promiscuity, or creating mayhem somewhere. It’s not about rebellion or being outrageous. This is about fearlessly engaging with life as it is. It is:

  • feeling your feelings
  • enduring the pain of rejection and failure required to achieve dreams
  • standing in your power when no one else believes in you
  • saying yes to love
  • finding happiness in squeezing your toes in the mud
  • asking for help when you’re drowning
  • doing what is hard instead of what is easy
  • accepting your flaws
  • sharing your gifts
  • letting go of who you were
  • making space to have a relationship with yourself
  • letting life teach you
  • risking disappointment
  • experiencing life instead of watching it in a movie
  • seeing the magic in the mundane
  • being a part of community
  • facing your fears because you know that growth lies on the other side
  • displaying courage
  • speaking up
  • appreciating the wildness in others
  • enduring judgment and hostility because you’re misunderstood
  • blending passion, stability, vision, and wisdom

The wild heart isn’t something that calls to some people. It belongs to all people. Some just don’t hear or heed the call. It’s easier to be safe, follow the rules, and look the way we’re taught to look. This is comfortable.

Life doesn’t happen in air conditioned boxes. It happens in the wind, rain and blazing snow. We see it in the deer giving birth in the thicket, the wildflower tenaciously growing out of a crack in the sidewalk, and in the stars twinkling at night. To have these things in your life, you have to get out of your comfortable little box. How?

Suggestions for Living in Your Wild Heart

When you are faced with judgment, rejection, or ridicule say “thank you.” Everything in life has two sides. This means that those types of words can be poison daggers that hurt you or injections of strength that affirm you. Use these comments to help guide your path. Is there merit to what they say? If so, heed the advice, alter your course, and be grateful for the instruction no matter how hurtfully delivered. Could this be a test of your faith or beliefs? If they strengthen you or help you to get more clear, this is also a blessing. Do these words illuminate a hidden flaw or shadow? If so, this is also good to know. You can’t work on or with an energy that you are unaware of.

Speak your truth. Not everyone will be able to hear you. While it’s good to have a witness, you’re truth is not for their benefit, but yours.

Lose your fear of being wrong. We’re all wrong sometimes. We’re all more ignorant today than we will be tomorrow. If you cut off living today because you’re not at the finish line, you’ll never get there. And guess what? You’re never going to get there anyway because there is no “done.” Just past the finish line is another race. Life travels in a circle, not a line.

So get in the game. Give it your all. The world needs your kind of juiciness. Even if that is the wildness of gardening or rearing children, it’s your wild. So, let your Inner Child out to play and go wild!

If you are a female in the Richmond, VA area who wants to explore this energy, I invite you to join the RVA Wild Women group on Facebook.

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