Why Do I Have to Meditate Every Day?

why do I have to meditate

Have you ever thought, “Why do I have to meditate every day?” Does it feel like work sometimes? Self-care can be hard to maintain if you look at it as a chore. Let’s see if we can turn it into something that you feel enthusiastic about doing instead. Maybe then it will become something you get to do rather than something you have to do.

One of the universal laws is that everything changes. Everything has a cycle. The earth cycles around the sun once a day giving us daytime and night. The moon goes from darkness to light and back in 29.5 days. Tides change twice daily. People have cycles too. Once we finish meditating, our energy begins to change until the effect we got from our meditation practice is almost gone. If we want to maintain or grow beyond that, we have to do it again.

During the day, we change. We talk to different people, have different thoughts, and do different things. As a result, we aren’t the same people we were when we last meditated. So, no two meditation sessions are alike. The new one can help us be where we are in that moment. The last one is no longer appropriate for where we are now.

There are *two types of meditations. Yin style is an emptying that takes us into the Darkness. The first layer is one of relaxation where the noise goes away. When we go deeper, we can see things – both positive and uncomfortable – that we didn’t see before. Even deeper than that, we meet the deep peace of the Void. This is a way of checking in.

Yang style is filling and takes us into the Light. The first layer is about feeling inspiration and happiness. Light illuminates or shows us different facets of things we didn’t see before at the next layer. Finally, we can reach a level where people report “seeing God.” This is a way of zooming out and feeling our smallness in the vastness of space and time. When we see that it is all love, and we are love, this can feel very safe and humbling.

The deeper levels are transformational. The Void can empty us so that we start again at zero. Here we can feel the Oneness with all creation because there is no separation in the Void. The Light can bring us into an explosive feeling of love and Oneness in a totally different way. So meditation is a way of checking out of our physical home and tapping into our spiritual home. It’s a reminder that we are more than what is happening on this material plane. It gives us perspective.

If this kind of talk makes you uncomfortable, remember that spirituality is not necessarily religious. It’s whatever helps you to feel connected in a big way to something outside of yourself. Practicing spirituality is a form of self-care. You don’t have to invoke any god or feel that spirit is a part of it to do it and benefit from it. Or if you are a believer, by all means, visit the angels and your dearly departed while you are meditation if they pop up. Let yourself connect. If you do this a few times, you won’t be saying, “Why do I have to meditate every day?” You’ll probably be skipping off and saying, “I need to go meditate now!”

  • there are also meditations that are balancing.