What Happened to the Soul?

“Psyche” is Greek for breath or soul. “-ology” means the study of. Psychology, then, is the study of the soul. So what happened to the soul in psychology?

When psychology became a science about a hundred years ago, there must have been some recognition of the soul as an integral part of the human being- some understanding the that soul plays a part in mental health. Yet, by turning to science, we have moved completely away from looking at the soul and towards parts of the person that conform to the scientific method. We’ve look at things we can observe, draw correlations from, and prove.

Consequently, mental health treatment has focused on behavior, thinking, and correcting chemical imbalances in the brain through the use of drugs. These things do work. In some cases they work very well. In others they don’t work well at all because they don’t address the needs of the soul. If treatment is to be effective, it has to be holistic. It’s time we put the soul back into psychology.

Dream analysis, past life regression, trance work, and energy work are just a few of the methods that heal on the level of the soul. Your mind is in control over what information comes through, the pace at which you work, and the the healing images that you receive. You are in charge of what happens. Your worker is just the facilitator.

Some of this has been scientifically validated, and some of it hasn’t, but the therapeutic benefit is indisputable. Why? I believe it’s because they don’t try to stamp out symptoms. They invite the afflicted to embrace or go into them, to use them as a doorway to healing.

When viewed from the perspective, depression becomes your friend. Hoarding becomes your teacher. Shame is no longer a byproduct. Symptoms aren’t things to be hidden away anymore, but things that show you how your soul has fractured. What has been broken, can then be mended or made new. It’s a much healthier way to approach life.

It’s also very empowering because it teaches you to trust yourself. Your soul does not lie to you. It’s the higher version of yourself. It’s free of ego. It only shows you what it knows you can handle, so you are always in the cradle of safety. I often ask people, “Who are you?” They start to tell me what they do or what roles they occupy. No, that is not you. What is left when you strip all that away is you. When you have seen into the depths of your soul, you will be able to answer, “I am That” and know what that means.

If you are terrified that you may meet monsters there, that’s a valid fear. We’re not all sweetness and light. Everyone has a dark side. I think you may be surprised at what else you will find though. Thus far, there has always been enough love, forgiveness, and compassion inside of everyone to deal with whatever darkness we find. Who knows? You may come to find that confronting your darkness gives you the compassion to forgive it in others. You may even get to the point where darkness excites you because you know it means there is healing and growth around the corner.

If you are working hard at overcoming communication problems, managing stress, or removing anxiety from your life, maybe it’s time to ask yourself what happened to the soul. Relax into it and let your soul feel what it’s feeling and tell you its story. It could lead to enlightenment.

If you are not sure what I am talking about but are intrigued enough to give it a try, contact me. I’d love to see how I can help.

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