Work With The Universal Laws to Create Harmony

universal law

Lots of people use control as a means of staving off fear. We might get a degree to reduce the fear of poverty. We might get married to avoid the fear of loneliness. We might verbally attack someone to avoid the fear of them hurting us. It’s an effective short term strategy. However, being driven by fear and the need to control will never get you long term stability or happiness. You have to work with the universal laws to create harmony.

Control is an illusion. Man has very little control over anything except his own thoughts and actions. The rest is governed by universal laws that no man can stop. They are:

universal lawsThe Law of Oneness

Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, feel, believe, and do has an effect on the world around us. What others think, feel, believe, and do has an effect on us. You can’t send out fear, loathing, jealousy, envy, or any other undesirable thing without it coming back to you. So, fear and the desire to control ultimately results in more fear and the need to control.

The Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul.” ~Hermes Trismegistus

The Law of Vibration

Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. Everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy. When you control your thoughts, you have the key to control your reality! Since like attracts like, a peek into your surroundings can give you a clue into what your inside is really like. If you don’t like what you see, change your mind. You can “borrow” success by being with people who are what you want to be if their vibration is stronger than yours (so that it brings yours up). The law of resonance says that the weaker vibration will follow the stronger, so choose people with high, strong vibrations. Be aware that to sustain this, the energy has to radiate from you.

The Law of Polarity

This just means that everything has an opposite. They appear to be different, but they are actually two sides of the same coin. We know light because of dark. We know good because of evil. We know pain because of pleasure. If you know one, you can know the other by simply raising your vibration. They are the same thing, just different degrees. If you think you cannot experience love because of your hate filled history, know that you already have it within you. They are two sides of the same coin.

The Law of Rhythm

This law is about ebb and flow. Things are either growing or dying, peaking or withdrawing, advancing or retreating. People want to climb, climb, climb, climb, climb and reach higher and higher heights. They see any backward motion as a failure or setback when it’s simply the natural rhythm of life. We all need to rest and recuperate. Winter follows summer so that nature can renew itself. Death follows life so that life can renew itself. It’s all part of the plan. Roll with it. Plant seeds in spring. Maintain in summer. Reap in autumn. Rest, nest, and mentally create in winter.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Every effect has a cause. Every cause has an effect. When you look outside and view your world, what you see is a reflection of your thoughts and actions. If you think you are a peaceful person, but see chaos, either your judgment is skewed or you have some underlying belief (probably unconscious) that is interfering with the manifestation of peace.

Don’t equate this to blaming of the victim. If you were born into poverty, lack the human support of some other people, and don’t have the education of others, you are resource challenged. However, you have the same mental opportunities as anyone else. It may take you longer to change your outside world because you started further behind, but all players are equal on the energy field. The first step in creating the effect that you want is to change your mind. Know that your thoughts are your biggest asset or hurdle and effective actions are required to produce results. You can’t wishful think your way into success, happiness, or love.

The Law of Gender

Everything has a masculine and feminine side. Both are required to create. Christianity and New Age thought popularized this idea that Light must conquer Darkness. No, both need each other for balance. Darkness isn’t evil. It’s misunderstood. Darkness is the unknown, the shadow, dis-ease sometimes, or the side that is not our highest and best self. The system seeks homeostasis, so being in darkness is a way to let us know that we are not in the Light. And sometimes Darkness is just about needing to rest or gestate. Don’t fear the Dark. It’s purposeful and part of creation. Focus on balance instead.

universal law

So, what does this have to do with control and happiness? Well, most of the things that people try to control, and most of the ways in which they attempt to control, is in violation of one or more of these laws. Let’s take a look.

Going back to our original example, let’s say I get a degree as a means to control my future financial stability. I may or may not succeed with that goal. My industry may dry up. Wages may plummet due to an emerging industry or technological revolution. I may find that I do control my income stream, but I am unhappy with my career choice and feel stuck.

The Law of Rhythm says that everything ebbs and flows, so have I actually controlled anything? Have I actually stabilized my earnings? Probably not. Even if my earnings stay stable, the stock market may not. The buying power of a dollar will change. I may be robbed, have to declare bankruptcy or have a major medical problem that wipes me out. So, there really is no stability because the natural order of things is that they ebb and flow. That includes finances.

How about getting married to avoid loneliness? We all know plenty of lonely married people, don’t we? Being pledged to someone isn’t going to guarantee that they will want you, spend time with you, or that you will feel connected to them. Grasping at things and trying to control the outcome rarely works. Working within the universal laws is always a better option because the energy is working with you. So using the laws of oneness, correspondence, and vibration to send out loving connected energy to everyone is a better use of your time. What you send out comes back. Not because you have power over others, but because that’s how energy works.

(A word of warning on this one. Sending out, “You will love me,” or anything that resembles that, is not loving energy. Sending love without any expectation of something in return is loving energy).

Now, how about controlling the outcome by hurting someone before they can hurt you. Does that keep you safe? The Law of Polarity says you don’t have to do that. You can send them love instead. They are two sides of the same coin. Since the Law of Cause and Effect says that what we send out has an effect, think about what you are doing by being ugly and shutting people down. That will come back to you! Is that the effect you want? I doubt it.

Am I saying that you should stop going to school or not get married? Does it mean you should stop striving? No. If you want to go to school, go to school. If you want to get married, get married. Just don’t use it as a means to control your life or someone else’s. It’s not an effective way to eliminate fear or uncertainty. Uncertainty is built into the system. It’s what keeps life balanced.

There is a better way. Live in harmony of the universal laws. Give up control. Gain peace. Accept that life has ups and downs. Know that you have a tremendous amount of control over your internal self and external reality. All you have to do is change your thoughts! While you may not get the girl of your dreams or the job that you want, there is another partner out there for you who will match your vibration who can be even more wonderful than ever imagined. There is a job out there that is an even more perfect fit. You won’t see it if you are committed to the thing you don’t have.

If you don’t like the way your world looks, change your vibration by changing your thoughts (Law of Correspondence, Law of Vibration). When you’re in a low place, know that things will swing your way again (Law of Rhythm). To guide them in the direction of your choosing, take action that moves the energy in that direction (Law of Cause and Effect). Be patient. (Law of Gender). Rome wasn’t built in a day. While there are stories of lottery wins and a $100 check showing up in the mail right when you are $100 short, you still have to plant those seeds to create that. Life needs time to unfold. Wait for it.

When you start to incorporate the universal laws into your life, you can stop working against nature. It’s always easier and more effective to go with the flow. When you are in the flow, you may just realize that there isn’t much to fear and very little to control. This can make life so much more enjoyable.

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