types of dreams

Types of Dreams

When people find out that I do dream analysis, they often tell me a dream fragment and then ask me what it means. Dream analysis starts with understanding what type of dream you experienced. Avoiding that step can have you working too hard. Here are the most common types of dreams.

Nonsense Dreams

Sometimes a dream is simply a reflection of what you ate, not having enough sleep, watching too much television or having a fever. These dreams don’t mean much of anything. It’s like fluff between the channels of an old fashioned tv set.

Straight Forward Dreams

These dreams don’t require interpretation. They are what they seem like. For example, I had a dream once that my goats were out of water. It seemed an impossibility given how much water is usually available to them, but when I checked, sure enough, they were out of water.

Prophetic Dreams

These dreams show you glimpses of the future. Maybe you are hoping for a new job, house, or baby and your dreams show you that it is on the way. Or perhaps your dreams are showing you how to avoid a horrible accident. These dreams do not have to be about big things. Sometimes they are there to get you to pay attention to little things that you overlook every day, but one day in particular, it’s important that you be aware of it. Perhaps it makes the difference between locking yourself out of your car or not. These dreams are usually strong enough that you remember them and pay attention to the message.

Healing Dreams

Healing dreams can alert you to a disease or condition before you have any symptoms. They can tell you how to resolve the issue. Sometimes the healing is between people. If there is a personal rift with a friend or family member, the images in a dream can help you to deal with your end of it and come to a place of forgiveness. This healing can also extend to whole communities. Everything is connected. Your soul wants to be whole, so the body, mind, and spirit can and does communicate to us through our dreams.

Spirit Messages

Not only does our unconscious communicate with us, spirits can also communicate with us through our dreams. Our ancestors and friends may want to visit. Or sometimes they have important messages for us. Dreams are a way for them to make that contact.

Any of these types of dreams can be lucid. Lucid dreams are just those where you know you are dreaming. They can be alike in every other aspect or they can be more vivid and fantastic, containing elements that don’t exist in real life with action that doesn’t exist in the terrestrial world. Lucidity doesn’t make them any more or less important than a non-lucid dream.

Anytime you encounter a nonsense dream, it’s not going to have much meaning. It doesn’t matter if the visuals were vivid or not. Nonsense can’t be made into sense regardless of how you twist it.

Straight forward dreams don’t require any interpretation because you can take them at face value.

The rest require some investigation. A dream analyst can help to take you out of your habitual thinking so that the meaning becomes clearer, but ultimately all dream interpretation comes from you. Your mind manufactured the symbols that you dreamt for the purpose of communicating with you. So your insight is the most valuable piece of the whole process. Consider the emotional content of the dream as well. Reality check everything. Sometimes the most obvious answer isn’t the right one. Finally, trust your gut.

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