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Ten Things I Learned from Past Life Regression

You’d be amazed at how many people are interested in past life regression. There are times when I am doing more past life regression therapy than any other kind. It has the potential to be transformative and can help you to see into your blind spots. No wonder it’s so popular. Here are the top ten things I learned from past life regression.

Little Things Matter

Most often people who come to me for a past life regression aren’t doing so for therapy. They are just curious. When that is the case, we start with the intention to see that which is for their highest and best good. When we get to the “big reveal” and we ask, “What was I meant to learn from that experience?” we get things like patience, to let go of stubbornness, to stop being self-righteous, to share more, to stop withholding.

Little things matter. These poor interpersonal skills or poor habits create a lifetime of energy where love and happiness cannot flow. When you see how a habit of jealousy, anger, or regret negatively impacts your entire lifetime, you might be more willing to let it go. Past life regression makes these things very easy to see.


You Are Everyone and Everyone is You

I mean that literally and also in the sense that, if you are prejudice against a certain group of people, make no mistake, you have been that thing that you despise. We are men sometimes and women sometimes. We are sometimes white, black, Asian, Indian, and everything in between. Sometimes we are poor, sometimes rich. Sometimes we’re educated and sometimes we’re ignorant. We are born into whatever circumstances will give us the best chance to learn what we came here to learn. One group isn’t “better” than another. However, one group is better for learning certain things. Don’t let circumstances determine how you feel about yourself or others. Differences only exist to help you through life. Work with it to learn and grow.

We all have preferences. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you find that you have prejudices, my advice is to get familiar with what you dislike because it’s within you.

There is No Such Thing as Free Lunch

If you think you got away with cheating on your girlfriend, cheating on a test, or lying about something, think again. The universe keeps score. This doesn’t mean it’s going to hit you on the back of the head with a pay back. It just means that your subconscious does not let you get away with anything. It will create a situation where you will learn what it feels like to be out of alignment with your nature. And make no mistake. Despite whatever you think or feel about yourself, your nature is good. Your nature is love.

Life will give you the circumstances that you need until you learn that and live in alignment with it. It’s so much better to live in honesty and integrity with respect for yourself and others than to try to manipulate, trick, and control the world. It’s a reflection of the Law of Attraction. What you do, say, think, and believe comes back to you. If you want a happy, harmonious life, stack the deck in your favor by sending out love, peace, and prosperity to everyone so that you create it for yourself.

Growth is Not Linear

There is a common perception that you become wiser, more good, and more spiritual as you grow. The reality of it is that growth is not linear. The idea of “old souls” simply isn’t true. It’s not like you have a pile of baggage and as your load gets lighter, you appear wiser, more spiritual, or good. It’s not like each lifetime get easier or happier. You’re always in a state of removing and accruing baggage. Even when you remove a lot of baggage, there could be one in there that is really big, heavy, and dark. You can’t judge yourself or others based on what you perceive. In the 1400s, you could have been a saint, then in the 1500s, you could have been a murderer.

Why? Because circumstances are not a reflection of growth or what you deserve. You are born into the circumstances that will give you the best chance of growing beyond your present limitations. For example, let’s say that you have a sibling who is intellectually challenged and you tease him mercilessly. Consequently, you could be born intellectually challenged in your next life. Through this experience, you learn compassion. Or you could fall in love with someone who develops mental illness and loses her mind, then her life. Through this experience, you learn compassion. Or you could have some life experience that has nothing to do with intellectually challenges, yet you still learn compassion.

People want to judge and categorize. It’s human nature. I can assure you, though, things are not as they appear. Often people compare life as a school where you graduate to the next grade. It’s not really “advancement” in that way because the universe doesn’t view one lesson as more important than another. They are just lessons.

You are everything. Each lifetime reflects a different facet. Just because the one this time is dirty or clean, doesn’t mean the rest are. It also doesn’t mean that it has to stay the way it was when you were born.

Pain is a Great Teacher

I often see posts on Facebook that say something like, “Oh, Lord. Please take this pain away.” Be careful what you wish for! Pain is a great teacher. It motivates us to do something different. When life brings us a lesson the first time, it often whispers. When we don’t learn it, it can speak louder. When we still don’t get it, it can begin to scream. For example, I had a friend in college who was living way too fast and wild. He got many chances to slow down that he didn’t heed. He was heading towards jail, flunking out of college, and perhaps even suicide… until he was hit by a car and had to be in traction for six months. During those six months, he lost all his partying friends, reconnected with his family and spent a lot of time in contemplation. He used the time to think about his existence. He used the money from the accident (it wasn’t his fault) to rebuild his life and is now a very respected doctor. Had he not had that very drastic tragedy, his life may have been very different.

Learn from your pain. It is there to teach you. When you have learned what you need to learn, the pain often goes away. If not, it certainly becomes more bearable.

You Have Many Soul Mates

I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as your “one true love.” You may have found a special connection with someone. That exists, but it’s not because they were made for you and only you. A soul mate is simply someone with whom you’ve shared many lifetimes who has agreed to come back with you again. The purpose of this shared life is usually to teach each other something. Remember how I said pain is a great teacher? This tends to mean that your soul mate(s) and you will share difficult or painful times. So, if you are looking for a happily ever after “you complete me” type of relationship, you are likely to be disappointed. Your soul mate could be your mother, sibling, or boss. It could be one soul in this life and another soul in the next. You could have three in this lifetime. There isn’t just one.

Your Soul Mate Is Probably Not Your Forever Partner

If your soul mate is a teacher, doesn’t it make sense that sometime the thing you are meant to learn comes from loss? For example, let’s say that my husband and I are wildly in love and I can’t imagine life without him. I depend on him for financial reasons, emotional support, social connection – everything. He comes into my life to teach me independence. In order to do that, I lose him early through death. If I am going to live on, don’t I have to learn how to do those things for myself now?

Or maybe the situation is that he is still my everything, but we are different in that he’s a people person and I am a loner. I enjoy people when he’s around, but would otherwise not engage socially. Somehow we end up splitting up, and through that loss, I realize how much he brought into my life when we were with other people. Now I start to yearn for the company of others and learn that people are social creatures. We need each other. Through the loss of the relationship, I grow.

When you lose the thing you love, it gives you the opportunity to examine what you brought to the split and how your partner enhanced or detracted from your life (your soul mate could be a predator or abuser!). We all want to avoid pain, so it motivates you to change either so that your life can be the wonderful way it was, or so you can avoid losing someone else for the same reason, or so that you can avoid pain. Losing your soul mate is often part of the plan. When you are finished mourning it, learn from it.

You Do Get a Do Over

We often wish we had a do over in life. Something goes in a way that we don’t like and it’s too late to go back. In regression you see that when it matters, you do get a do over. Regret is like a programmer for the future. It sets in motion energy for you to revisit a theme and learn from it. Or sometimes it is a test to see if you really have learned from your mistake. For example, if you regret not getting to go to war, in a future life, you will face that choice again. If you mess up a relationship, you will face that same scenario again- perhaps not with the same person, but the theme will reappear.

Learning this has made me much more aware of my actions. I don’t want a do over. I want to do things right the first time. Doing things over feels like spinning my wheels – especially when you’ve seen your many do overs and failures. It also makes me more patient with myself. We just don’t all get it right the first time. Sometimes you have to bang your head against the same brick wall over and over. If so, you have as much time as you need to learn how to stop.

You’re In Control of Your Karma

When you bang your head against the same brick wall over and over, you eventually learn that it is you that is doing the banging. When you let go of the need to feel guilt, shame, anger, or regret – either towards yourself or towards something else – you release the karmic energy that keeps you bound to it. Karma is not created by what you do. It’s created by what you feel about what you do. That’s why Buddhists practice being nonjudgmental. This doesn’t mean you get to go out and be a psychopath with and wreak havoc with no conscious. It means that if you do something that society deems as “bad” without malice or negativity, it creates no karma. There is a great story that illustrates this.

Once two monks were walking and came upon a woman weeping by the riverside. She explained that there was no way for her to get across. She was too small and would surely get swept up by the rushing waters. One of the monks picked her up and carried her across, then they all went on their way. The second monk inwardly seethed for the rest of their journey. Finally, he turned to the first monk and said, “You know we are prohibited from touching women! You disobeyed the rules. How could you?” The first monk calmly replied, “I set her down by the riverside. You are still carrying her.”

So, you see. The first monk broke a rule, but without any ill intention and thus created no karma. The second monk obeyed the rule, yet he had so much negative energy about it that he created karma for himself that he’s going to have to work out. If you want to keep your challenges to a minimum, learn the skill of being nonjudgmental.

It Helps Whether You Believe in Past Life Regression or Not

Sometimes people want to argue with me over whether or not past lives are real. When it comes to the therapeutic value of it, it really doesn’t matter because you benefit from it either way. Maybe when the facilitator says, “Go back to when your problem first began” or “Go back to the time that shows what is in your best interest to know right now” your mind completely fabricates a story. So what? If you see your life in a new light that enables you to get beyond your current blocks, does it really matter? You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to benefit from past life regression. You just have to experience it. If you prefer to call it an imagination exercise, that’s fine. Who cares? It’s just a label. I wouldn’t get hung up on what you call it.

People can get hung up on the details. Life really isn’t about details. It’s about themes. If being around your mother-in-law, boss, or next door neighbor triggers you to over eat, the problem isn’t your mother-in-law, boss, or next door neighbor. It’s your pattern of coping through food. Past life regression can help make that crystal clear and also help you resolve it.

If you are ready to experience past life regression for yourself, please go to my appointment calendar and schedule an appointment. I’d love to work with you. It’s really fascinating work.

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