Ten Most Common Regrets

As everyone knows, I facilitate past life regressions so I hear a lot about mistakes and regret. It’s enough to motivate you to not make those same mistakes. If you are aware of the most common regrets while you are still vibrant and alive, you can make choices that will help you avoid the big ten. Want to know what they are? Here we go!

Worrying About What Others Think

There was a study done on this and the results revealed that other people aren’t thinking about you. They are either thinking about themselves or thinking about what other people are thinking about them! So worrying about what others think is probably a huge waste of time.

But let’s say that someone really does have an opinion about your choices. Maybe your mom really wants you to go to her alma mater. Or maybe your best friend really doesn’t like your choice of boyfriend. At the end of the day, it’s your 24 hours in this day. It’s your 365 days in this year. Do you want to spend them doing something that someone else wants you to do? Or do you want to live your life? Even if you make poor choices, let them be your choices.

Working Too Much

Work is a good thing! We all want to eat. Most of us want to have some savings and a comfortable life. But when work dominates your life, it can be too much of a good thing. Who wants to look back on their life and say, “I sure was a great worker! I spent so much time at work.” I think most of us would rather look back and see our greatest accomplishment was something else. Money and stuff will never bring fulfillment.

Being Afraid to Love

Romance is hard. If you want to receive love, you have to be vulnerable and put your cards on the table to someone who may not want what you want. That means risking rejection. Or does it? I think the reason why so many people have this regret is that their fear of rejection is greater than their desire for love. If you reframe it, it doesn’t have to be “rejection.” Putting yourself out there could be daring. You can call it bravery. Or maybe you call it living dangerously. All great achievements require risk. If you wait for love to fall into your lap, it may never come. Go out and get it!

Staying in a Bad Relationship

People stay in relationships out of convenience, habit, for monetary reasons, religious beliefs, fear, the children, and so many other things. This is another thing that many people look back on and say, “I wish I had left sooner.” If you’re in a “bad” relationship, do what you can to fix it. If you get to the point where it’s just not going to improve, think about what you want your life to look like on your last day. If this relationship is not part of that, you might want to reevaluate.

Not Traveling (Enough)

Travel is a big dream for a lot of people. Some want to go somewhere specific, like Hawaii. Some want to see everything. Maybe you put it off because you think you have to build that retirement nest egg first. So, you plan to do it when you’re older. The problem with that is, you may never get there. Or you get there and you don’t have the energy that you used to have to enjoy it fully. And sometimes other priorities keep robbing that travel account so you never give yourself that vacation you always wanted.

Travel is not a necessity. We can all live without it, but it can be a  symbol for how well we treat ourselves. You work a lot. You do a lot for others. A good life is one where you also do for yourself.

Not Realizing How Lovely You Are

The biggest person holding us back is often ourselves. We don’t think we’re good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, worthy enough, and the list goes on and on. It’s not your looks, money, family, job, car, or anything outside of you that determines how beautiful you are. It’s your light. And we all have a fantastic light inside. We just have to let it shine.

Not Spending Enough Time With Your Children

Kids are only kids for a short time. It goes fast. Once that time is gone, it’s gone. They aren’t the same at twelve as they were when they were one. And I know you want to sleep in sometimes instead of taking your kids to soccer or staying up late with them. Just remember that these are precious days that don’t come back.

Not Spending Enough Time With Your Parents

It’s easy to take our parents for granted and think they will always be there. They won’t. Or maybe their bodies are there, but their minds aren’t. If you want to know more about your family history, what your parents think, or about the things that shaped their lives, spend time with them now.

Never Going For It

Fortune favors the bold because you’ve got to be in the game to win it. The touchdown pass doesn’t sail into the stands and into your arms. The big break doesn’t come to the person who’s name is not in the hat. Take a risk. Move across the country. Say yes to the guy. Start that business. If you fail, so what? You’ll have a great story.

Not Saying I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry” is two words. They don’t require a whole lot of effort to say. They burden that they lift from your heart is as great as any relief you give the other party – probably even more. Don’t go to your grave with your apology still in you.

Regret is avoidable. If you notice when things are out of balance and make a habit of correcting it right away, you’ll have fewer regrets. This increases the chances of having a fulfilling life.


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