Take Out the Trash

We’re coming to the end of a 9 year where the universal energy favors ending things for good to make way for what’s coming. For many, this has been tough. It can be hard to let go – even when you know it’s the best thing.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. We can all only really pay attention to one thing at a time. Yet modern conveniences allow us to leverage our time and attention so that we cram more into our lives. A lot of times, that “more” means we pack on more baggage. If you want to make space for the next phase of your life, and have the energy to manifest your dreams, you have to take out the trash.

What is “the trash?” It’s anything that doesn’t serve you. Here are some examples:

  • that gym membership that you are paying for because you like the idea of belonging to a gym, but you haven’t been in six months
  • your “skinny clothes” that you are holding on to for when you finally hit your target weight
  • the grudge that you’ve been holding since high school
  • the low self esteem that keeps you from going for your dreams
  • regret. Reframe that! Instead of looking back and thinking, “I could have…” think “Today I will…” Let your losses and mistakes teach you something
  • the relationship that isn’t working. Sometimes the most loving thing is saying goodbye
  • that expensive, unhealthy habit. This could be smoking, drinking, over eating, partying too much, etc.

In order to take out the trash, it helps to be mindful so that you are always choosing what to let into your life and know when it’s time to release something. When you go through life as though everything is a choice, you feel more empowered. You may consider the cost of acquiring and maintaining things before you bring them into your life. It may make it easier to say goodbye to things that are of limited use, value, or importance today.

Remember that this is something that we do daily. If you rake up ten bags of leaves today, aren’t there always more the next day? When you sweep the floor, does it stay clean forever? Energy always moves from order to chaos. That means we have to take out the trash regularly. Making this a habit, will give you more peace.


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