Be the Hero of Your Own Story

In every life there are many calls to adventure. When you accept, you may have fun. You may get beat down a bit, but you always grow. If you do enough of these, you become the hero of your own story. If you refuse enough of these, they stop coming. You may end up living […]

own adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

There is a series of children’s books that are written in an “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. They all start out the same, but at different points in the story, the reader gets to choose a path. Each choice creates different twists and turns, and eventually, a different ending. Life is like that. You choose […]

story doesn't matter

The Story is Not Important

Trust me when I tell you, the story is not important. Figuring it out, understanding it, or worrying about it won’t make it the pain or the story go away. It won’t make you heal from it. Understanding it doesn’t speed anything along. To illustrate this point, allow me to share a famous story as […]