Practicing Love Talk

love talk

One really great way to improve your mood, creativity, and connection is to start practicing love talk. Have you ever gotten lost in something so wonderful that you couldn’t wait to give voice to it to bring it out into the world? That’s love talk. Love talk requires that you see the world through loving eyes. When you do that, the view is beautiful. So, it’s easy to speak love into the world.

To do this, get into a mindful, meditative state. Then look out to the world with loving eyes. Let in the beauty of the clouds against the bright blue sky, the sprig of grass struggling to grow beyond the crack in the sidewalk, or the fallen acorn peaking out from beneath a crispy leaf. Then speak this beauty into the world.

You see, too many of us walk by these sights every day without seeing them. Consequently, we miss life as in all its brilliance. Instead we feel the stress of too many cars on too little road. We focus on all the things we haven’t done. We rush through and rush past, missing the delight that is free for all. So we speak with anger, frustration, want, and worry. We speak pain into existence. We complain, gossip, and plot. Yuck!

Life is always a balance of light and dark. It’s easy to see the weeds. Why not see the wildflowers too? Then, when you can do it easily when you’re alone in nature, try it with people. I know it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and speak love to someone who may not be able to hear it or receive it. Do it anyway.

Lots of people live in darkness. They can only see victimization, poverty, and want. When you engage in love talk, you shine a ray of sunshine that everyone can see and feel – most of all you. Try it right now and see how your heart lifts.

Every day we’re planting seeds. A lone wildflower in a solitary field creates a stunning contrast to the surrounding area. But who knows? You could be creating a whole field of them without even knowing it. It takes time for seeds to blossom. When you make this your daily meditation, the beauty you see will eventually be your own.