What Ever Happened to Sacrifice?

Christianity tells us “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7). The Law of Attraction says that reality is manifested from our thoughts. These things can lead us to believe that there is a universal fairy godmother that bestows gifts out like candy. We are all worthy and all we have to do is ask and say yes. All that is true, yet whatever happened to sacrifice?

While the universe IS abundant and everything IS yours for the taking, there are also two other laws at work: the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Gender. Cause and Effect means that everything that is currently in your life was created by what came before. The Law of Gender says that everything has a masculine and feminine side. This creates balance. So what does that have to do with sacrifice?

You can’t receive if you are not willing to make space for what you’re calling in. That’s what the Law of Gender is about – balance. You have to give something up to get something. If you want to be a nonsmoker, you have to give up smoking. If you want to be someone with a lot of money, you’ve got to give up spending all you have. To have someone in your life who respects, honors, and cherishes you, you have to give up the habits that push people away. To lose weight, you have to give up the lifestyle that is creating the weight. If you want healthy relationships, you have give up your unhealthy habits like defensiveness, suspicion, criticism, or negativity. There is no free lunch.

Sometimes the universe does give you things that you aren’t prepared to have. That’s when the Law of Cause and Effect kicks in. If you look at lottery winners, they tend to blow through their money in a couple of years and go right back to their money set point. They aren’t lower income because they aren’t lucky or hard working. They are lower income because of their thinking and habits. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice that thinking and those habits, you won’t sustain whatever you gain.

Lots of us want something for nothing. We go to a professional and say, “Fix this” or “Fix me.” Our medical system promotes this. We surrender our power to a doctor. Our education system supports this. We turn our kids over to the school and say, “Teach my kid.” There are many ways that this shows up in our society. If you aren’t invested in your own health, education, spirituality, growth, and lifestyle, are you really living?

Every day I facilitate past life regression for people. Every day I see a life where someone phoned it in. We repeat the same patterns, dramas, and hurts lifetime after lifetime. It just keeps on hurting. If you want it to stop hurting, you have to sacrifice the suffering. Get in the game. Stop outsourcing your life. Feel the hurt, forgive, release, and keep on living. Otherwise what is the point?

Don’t give your kids everything. Teach them the art of sacrifice. Teach them that Law of Gender, that element of give and take, so that they grow up with an awareness that everything is energy. To get something, energy must be exchanged. When it’s not exchanged or hoarded, it dies. Wishing doesn’t change energy. Involvement does. So, if you want that new job, new car, degree, or just to feel good in the morning, get out there and sacrifice. Show yourself and the world that you mean business. What do you have to give up to have what you want? Are you willing to do that?

Potential Ideas for Sacrifice

Here are some ideas that may illuminate what is in shadow.

  • sweets, gluten, processed foods, fat foods, foodlike substances, late night eating, alcohol or other foods that are not healthy for you
  • self medicating with substances (drugs, alcohol)
  • toxic relationships
  • a toxic workplace
  • screen time
  • outdated ideas about romance, gender roles, money, life, religion, success, self image, family, etc.
  • negativity: blaming, complaining, powerlessness, victimhood, criticism
  • emotions like fear, guilt, and shame
  • a story that is not working- “My mom didn’t love me, I can’t catch a break, I’m not good enough, The system is against me,” etc.
  • feeling that you deserve to be unhappy, not successful, poor, etc.
  • the idea that success or money is bad, ugly, or harmful
  • the idea that you will live forever
  • believing that you can only love someone who is not here
  • addiction to conflict
  • defensiveness
  • the idea that you have to be “saved” rather than saving yourself
  • thinking that you can only be happy if or when something happens
  • believing that you are alone in the universe
  • needing to know everything or thinking you do know everything
  • finding a reason why things aren’t possible
  • giving up

It’s not always easy. Sometimes we don’t see ourselves clearly. Sometimes we know exactly what needs to change, but can’t seem to make it happen. If you are ready to participate in your transformation and need some help, call me. I am glad to help.

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