past life themes

Past Life Themes

When you facilitate as many past life regressions as I have, you start to see themes. These past life themes are great teachers if you look at them mindfully. Here are some of the most common ones.

“There are People Here, But I Don’t See Them”

During a past life regression, it’s common for people to have a sense that they are not alone, but they are not able to see who the other people are. They aren’t aware of their roles either. For example, they may have a vague awareness that they have children, but can’t tell how many or what gender they are. They may feel people in the house with them, but don’t know who they are. We actually go through this life like that too. Think about how many people you see in a day. Now how many of them did you actually see? How many did you connect with? How many of them are your family members and friends?

If you don’t connect with the people in your life, their presence becomes meaningless. It’s as if they aren’t really there. You don’t really benefit from having a spouse, children, or siblings if there is no connection with them. In today’s culture, it’s not uncommon for people to use people and love things. Love your people. It makes life so much more fulfilling and meaningful. If you are lonely, connect.


The vast majority of people throughout history lived in poverty and powerlessness. If you have dreams of being a princess in a past life, that is quite likely a fantasy. Someone had to be a princess. It could have been you. Most likely you were one of the great unwashed like the rest of us. And you know what? That’s okay. Money isn’t what gives like meaning. If you can be present and happy when you are impoverished and disempowered, you have all the riches in the world. If you can be rich and powerful, that’s okay too. Money is no reflection of your value or level of happiness.


There reason why our minds take us to places of pain is because that is where the healing happens. We go to reclaim our lost soul pieces and heal those wounds. * Most people don’t see lifetimes of love and comfort because that doesn’t challenge us to grow. That’s a rest stop.

When we escape our pain or stuff it down, our souls fracture. Going back to the point of fracture allows us to do it again without fracturing so that we can learn from the pain and be whole again.

Reliving the Emotional Self

Although many people escape their unpleasant emotions by dissociating, abusing alcohol or drugs, shutting down and isolating, reliving past lives tend to be an emotional experience rather than one of doing. In other words, while we put a lot of emphasis in the here and now on what we do in this life, when we look back, the emphasis is on what we feel. It’s rare that people say, “Oh, I didn’t get to finish painting that fence!” or “I deeply regret not becoming a lawyer.” They say, “Oh, I was so stubborn!” or “I still withhold love when I am hurt by someone.”

It really doesn’t matter how much stuff you have, how high the quality of your stuff is, or what you really do or achieve in this life. The life of a carpenter is as valuable as the life of a brain surgeon. The work of a sculptor is as valuable as that of a priest because it’s not about what you do. It’s more about how you feel about what you do and what is done to you. It’s about living a life that reflects what you are. Being in a place of gratitude and love creates no karma and no soul fragmentation. Withholding, regret, fear, and anger can create soul fragmentation.

Sacred Vows

Sacred vows are things that we think or say with such emotion and conviction that they manifest as destiny. It’s basically the energy around the Law of Attraction. If I say something like: I will never leave you; I will always love you; I’m going to get you; I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again; Sex is dirty; Men can’t be trusted; Money is the root of all evil; Love hurts; I must sacrifice myself to help others; or I can’t forgive myself; you can create an energy path that follows you lifetime to lifetime until you release it. This can result in a perpetual Groundhog Day.

Not every life reveals a sacred vow. The easiest way to see them is to have many past life regressions. When you see three, four, or five lifetimes that you waste time punishing yourself, pursuing the same dream, or engaging in the same compulsive behavior, it becomes very obvious that you’ve suffered enough. The pattern no longer serves you, and it’s okay to let it go.

These past life themes tend to be common for most people. Your past life themes are going to reflect your current life challenges.  If you want to see your blind spots and retrieve your lost fragments of self, try past life regression. You may be surprised at how healing it can be. One you grow in self awareness and let go, your past themes do not have to be your future themes.

  • Note: It is sometimes useful for people to see lifetimes of comfort and ease, but this is rare. For example, one person who experienced this died young. The lesson was to seize the day and do something with his life before time ran out. Another person with  an absolute horrid history had the take away of “Life is not always this painful.” So it was a message of hope. This is extremely rare, however.
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