past life regression trends

Past Life Regression Trends

Do you want to know the past life regression trends that I am seeing? Trends? Yes! Things change as people change. When Raymond Moody started talking about near death experiences, the stories were about going though a tunnel and being greeted by “angels.” Now some people are reporting shared death experiences where a living person experiences a loved one’s death with them. So, as our consciousness changes, so do our experiences. This is resulting in changes in how people experience their past lives, too. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Incomplete Transitions

An increasing number of people are not fully crossing over when they die. Their past life selves are still with them. How can that be? Can a person reincarnate if their soul has not crossed over?

Many traditions believe that our souls have three parts. One of these parts can leave during times of trauma. In fact, some people believe that that is exactly what post traumatic stress disorder is, soul loss. The body can sustain the loss of this soul part, but not the other two. When this soul part is gone, we experience a loss of vitality, physical illness, mental illness, confusion, and other symptoms.

Some say a soul requires all three soul parts to exist in the physical plane. One one that can separate from the body while it’s still alive is the part of us that can manifest as a ghost. So when we don’t transition completely, the two other parts move on. If we reincarnate, we get three new parts to form a new soul. However, this lost soul part is still stuck in limbo, unhealed. Death doesn’t give us a “get out of jail free” card. All unfinished business must be completed.

Past Life Personality Attachments

I saw my first case of past life personality attachment about 8 – 10 years ago. They are fairly common now. This appears to be a case where your past life self didn’t make a complete transition after death and now you’re you with a side kick. Since this other guy hasn’t crossed over, he’s got a lot of baggage. Sometimes it can feel as if the past life personality is dominating the living person with their heaviness and their desires so that the living person no longer has the ability to make other choices. Sometimes it’s not a true attachment, but more of a heavy shadow.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this means that the helper has two clients – the past life personality and the current self. They may have two completely different needs. Unless the past life self can heal and move on, no real progress can be made with the current self. There just isn’t enough energy to make it happen. It’s like trying to hold water in a leaky bucket.


I am not sure if people are more dissociated or if more people have past life selves that experienced life in a dissociated state. Perhaps it’s both. Dissociation happens when emotions are too painful to experience in the body. It’s like watching life instead of living it. So you can report that someone put a cigarette out on you without having an emotional response to it.

In order to release emotional charges in this life or any other, you have to be embodied. Emotions live in the body. No body = no feeling and no release. It’s not intellectual. Knowing about an emotion doesn’t heal it. It has to be fully felt. The client and practitioners are partners in healing. I know of no way to wave a magic wand and make an energy or pattern disappear. It requires participation. If you’re not embodied, you can’t participate.

The bad news is that people who have attachments and/or incomplete transitions are often dissociated. This means that a traditional past life regression alone is probably NOT going to give this person the relief that they need. They need some type of other therapy first to get back in their bodies.

If you’re wondering, “Is this for real?” All I can say is, “I don’t know.” I am still on this side of the veil. Until I die, I won’t know what the other side looks like. This looks like a reasonable way to explain what is taking place based upon what clients report, what I see, and what is in the literature. I don’t know if the story matters as much as the results however. The results are that if the client with this problem works on the dissociation, then treats the past life personality, the current life self may then greatly improve or the problem may totally resolve. If not, usually it’s because the current life self also has separate issues that still need to be worked on. Tackling the client’s issues without doing this other work first is generally futile.

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