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Mental Health Begins Before Birth

Mental health begins before birth. It’s true. Think of it like gardening. You can’t plant seeds in infertile soil and expect them to grow, right? Gardeners know that soil preparation is very important if you want a good harvest. Growing humans is the same. The time to prepare is well before any seeds are planted.

Prepare the Body

The mother of any child can only give the child what she has. If she’s eating poorly, drinking, and doing drugs (including prescription drugs), this is the “soil” she has for growing babies. If it’s poor enough, it may not allow any babies to grow. It is possible now through the magic of modern medicine to make this happen, however medicine cannot fix poor soil. It only allows you to create a baby despite the poor soil.

A mother can only nourish a baby with what she has in her body. If she doesn’t have good nutrition, her baby doesn’t either. If a mother is full of toxins, that’s what the baby gets too. A toxic body creates a mental health environment where kids are born with ADD/ADHD, insomnia, irritability, stomach issues, anger, and other mental health symptoms. These aren’t personality issues. They reflect body chemistry.

The best way to deal with this is to plan. If you’re relying on prenatal vitamins, you’re starting too late. All child bearing age women should be mindful of their fitness and health. It’s great to say, “I am going to have a baby in 2016 so I will start in 2014” but life doesn’t work that way. Things happen that we don’t plan. If you are capable of having a child, it’s wisest to treat your body like the temple that it is so that any life that comes from it will have the absolute best chance at being healthy.

Your own wisdom is the best guide for if you’re physically ready to create a healthy child. You know if your lifestyle is healthy. You know if your diet is healthy. How’s your energy level? How’s your mental state? How’s your weight? If you are not sure, you can do a hair test to show what your inner chemistry looks like. This could be a wise pre-planning step as babies take all their resources from you. If you don’t have enough for you plus someone else, pregnancy can leave you depleted. I am not just talking about calories, but vitamins and minerals. It’s like gardening. Each crop depletes the soil so the soil has to be replenished before planting again.

Of course, you can’t control everything. Sometimes things happen despite your best planning. All you can do is your part. When you maintain a healthy body, you have a good chance of producing a healthy baby.

Prepare the Mind

Most people know that babies hear mom’s thoughts. Until they are born, they are essentially one person. What mom goes through, baby goes through. If mom is anxious, guess what? Baby has a good chance of being anxious too.¬†People with emotional difficulties are more likely to have children with emotional difficulties. This can create a domino effect of intergenerational emotional problems.

It’s best to cultivate peace and a healthy lifestyle before you get pregnant so that your baby is born happy and stays happy. A healthy lifestyle of breathing, meditating, mild exercise, eating fresh, alive clean foods, getting enough rest, and having a nurturing social life helps the mind and body to be well and stay well.

Prepare the Spirit

How do you prepare the spirit for birth? Everyone has a spirit. Even people who aren’t here yet. Mother and baby sort of share a consciousness. What happens in mom’s mind is in baby’s mind, so if mom is afraid of birth, doesn’t want the baby, or is under a lot of stress, that shapes baby’s personality and view of the world.

For example, I had a client come to me once because she couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t wanted. Her parents were loving people who were very warm and caring towards each other and her. Still, she was constantly depressed about it so we did a past life regression to find the cause. Instead of seeing something from her previous lifetimes, she went back to her time in utero. Her parents were in college and had their whole world ahead of them. They understood the commitment that it would take to rear a child and thought seriously about adoption or abortion. The couple decided to carry through with the pregnancy, and were caring parents. Yet, the programming of being unwanted stuck.

A more frequently occurring example is birth trauma. Modern birth is treated like a medical issue rather than a natural one. Many children are still born in cold environments with medical professionals around instead of family. The baby may be subjected to drugs and then is carried off to a nursery away from mom. The way media portrays child birth is that it’s full of anguish and suffering. This is what we teach our young women to expect.

When a member of my family told me that she wanted to be induced, drugged, and have a cesarean section, I was floored! I sent her a childbirth video that educated her to natural childbirth and she thankfully decided to go natural. Her birth was quick, relatively painless (according to her), and without problems. When you are aware that your child is a part of you, and you approach birth naturally, this can avoid birth trauma and give your baby a great start to life.

Cultivating mental health is as important as physical health. Since consciousness begins in utero, mental health begins before birth. When you prepare your child for a great beginning, you build in resilience, happiness, and health. A happy baby makes a happy family more likely! If you didn’t get a good start or didn’t give your children a good start, it’s not too late to start repairing things.

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