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Maintaining Your Energy Body

What is the Energy Body?

Everything is made of energy. The “energy body” is the invisible bubble around your physical body that forms the barrier between your energy and everything that is not your energy. It’s the container for your thoughts and feelings. It also contains your available power.

Why Should You Do Energy Body Maintenance?

Your energy body needs care just like your physical body. If you are not doing energy body maintenance, your energy body is likely to be porous. Think of it as a bucket with holes. It leaks! So you will have to generate a lot of power to do simple things because your power is being lost to the outside environment. When your emotions are negative or dis-eased, and others pick up on it, they can perceive you as toxic.

Since you need so much energy, you also suck up other people’s energy leaving them drained. When your energy body is porous, it can be hard telling the difference between your feelings and someone else’s. So, you can absorb negativity, doubt, fear, anxiety and feel that it’s yours. Now you have to figure out how to cope with something didn’t even originate with you. This is exhausting! Even when the energy you absorb is positive, if it’s more than your mind can process or more than your body can contain, you can still feel depleted because it’s overstimulating.

Another way that this can show up is that perhaps you are hyper aware of how others are feeling. You spend a lot of time thinking ahead and anticipating their questions, thoughts, and emotions. Consequently, you are rushing around (either literally or in your head) taking care of things. This takes you out of your body and out of the present moment. This can also deplete your energy body because you have to actually be in your body and grounded to keep the energy flow balanced.

When you live in your head, you can’t tell what is going on with your body so you don’t respond to its cues. When you need more energy, you simply drink caffeine, engage in drama, or steal someone else’s to keep you going. This depletes your adrenals and energy field even further making you unbalanced and vulnerable to dis-ease and fatigue.

How to Do Energy Body Maintenance

Get Grounded & Move the Energy

Energy needs to move. When it doesn’t move, you become sluggish and depressed. If it moves too fast, it’s like a flood. It’s moving too fast to be harnessed, used, and conserved and becomes destructive. To keep the energy moving at a moderate pace, you have to be grounded and embodied. So, the first step is to get in your body. When you’re spun up, you can practice the Five Things exercise to get you back in your body. This is to notice five things in your environment from each of the five senses. For example, you could engage your sight by letting your eyes rest on five different things while really allowing yourself to see them for a few moments. Then go to sound, taste, touch, and smell.

When you’re not triggered, you can practice being grounded through meditations that bring you into your body. One example is to close your eyes. As you inhale, imagine your breath coming in through the crown and into the heart. As you exhale, follow the breath from the heart down through your feet and into the earth. Another grounding breathing exercise is to imagine your energy flowing around you in a circle that starts behind you at your feet and flows over your head, down the front of your body, and back down to your feet. As you inhale, the energy flows feet to head behind you. As you exhale, it flows from the head to your feet. Trace this movement with your hands making the motion of a water wheel in front of you as you breathe.

Eat Fresh Alive Foods

Energy also comes from the food you eat. When you eat processed, dead foods, the quality of energy is not nourishing. The amount of energy is not as plentiful. So choose fresh, alive foods to nourish your body. “Fresh” means recently harvested. “Alive” means something that was recently flying, crawling, swimming, growing, or grazing on the earth. Alive also means minimally processed. If you alter alive foods too much, you remove the life force. No life force = no energy. Avoid stimulants and depressants like sugar, caffeine and alcohol. These will deplete you.


The body needs to balance activity with rest. When you push yourself beyond your limits, you begin borrowing energy. When you borrow more than you can repay, it leads to a crash. I have lots of clients who have lived this way. It’s a long, hard road to recovery. It’s like putting gas into a tank with a hole in it. Listen to your body. When you’re tired, rest.


I just said that the body needs rest. It also need to move. It’s all about balance. Most of us sit all day most days. If this is you, make sure you take breaks to move. Exercise in moderation so that you don’t push yourself to depletion.

Social Interaction

People aren’t designed to live in isolation. We need other people to help us feel connected, inspired, cared for, important, help us to grow, and to give our love to. Isolation leads to depression. Intimate, happy interaction keeps our juices flowing. We don’t need a lot of people, an entourage, likes, or a fan club. One or two real, deep relationships is enough. Being with vibrant people generates and circulates our own energy in healthy ways.

Be Positive

Thoughts have energy. When you’re seeing and speaking negativity, you create draining energy around you. This isn’t to say that you should put on rose colored glasses and deny the ills of the world. It just means that adopting a nonjudgmental attitude is healthier for your energy body. This will keep you grounded in reality so that you can see what’s going on without getting wrapped up in it. And this is the point of the healthy energy body. When you have a healthy energy body, you can be in the present moment where you are responsive, not reactive. Your contained, not either over the top or flattened. You can give without over giving and depleting yourself. When others are dramatic, you can witness it without getting wrapped up in it.

Choose Well

There is no good or bad energy. It’s just energy. Some is beneficial, some isn’t. It’s really all about the right energy in the right place at the right time in the right amounts. Too much is not great. Too little it not great. Snake venom is great for a snake who needs to eat, but not great for a person. So it’s important to choose the things in your environment. Feng shui is all about placing the right colors and elements in the right places to maximize harmony. These things matter. Be mindful about who you allow around you, what you do for work, where you live, and how you live. It makes a difference. If you don’t have a great energy body, you probably need to limit negativity. When you’re strong, you can expose yourself to more without being toppled. Know yourself and your limits.



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