The Magic of Dream Work

Modern society often dismisses the importance of dreams. We say things like, “It was only a dream” or “You must have been dreaming” or “I can dream, can’t I?” to indicate that dreams aren’t real. They have no value, and they aren’t worth contemplating. When we have this attitude, we miss out on the magic of dream work.

Some dreams are a function of what we ate or what movie we just watched. Some are a replay of the days events that help us to process memories. In the rest lie gold. They are the superhighway to the soul, the gateway to healing and growth. Treating them as if they are unimportant or “not real” is throwing your riches away.

Dreams can be prophetic visions of the future that may give you warnings. They can be visitations from the other side. They can be a means to diagnose and treat illness. They can give us a peak into the world we are creating for ourselves by our thoughts and actions. They can give us clues to our resources and help us solve problems. They can be like our own All Seeing Eye that illuminates blind spots so that we can live more effectively.

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” ~Freud

If you are on a self-help journey, dreams are the perfect teacher. Write them down. Say them aloud. Learn how to interpret the language of your dreams so that your soul’s messages are revealed to you. I will show you an example below of what a dream looks like on the surface and the deeper meaning.

I have been traveling a long time and am tired. I get on a new bus and see someone I think I used to know. It’s been years. I am not sure. As I walk past, I see from the look on his face that it’s him. He recognizes me too and is disappointed that I didn’t speak. We sit in darkness rows away from each other, unmoving, and in silence. He rises to get off at the next stop. I hesitate. I want to go after him, but I don’t. I watch him disappear as the bus pulls away.

When you dream things like this, it may be tempting to dismiss it as boring. Every dream is personal to the dreamer. It includes your symbols, your feelings and can only truly be understood by you. A dream analyst can help you figure it out, but you are the ultimate authority on what your dreams represent. The dreamer interpreted the dream above as meaning:¬†“Seize the day! Don’t be timid. Chances are lost when you don’t speak up and don’t go after what you want. Be bold. You’re missing out.” It could have just as easily be a symbol for, “It’s time to move on” or “There is a move up ahead.”

Your dreams don’t have to be lucid, fantastic, or emotional to be meaningful. The more attention you pay to your inner world, the more it will show up for you and delight you. It’s a whole lot easier to live a holistic life when you provide an outlet for your your inner light to shine. ¬†Dreams are a tool that we all have access to. Won’t you use them?

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