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Let Yourself Be Surprised

There are a lot of people out there who just want to know everything. They want to be prepared for everything. They want what they want and won’t consider any other options. If you are one of them, I urge you to let yourself be surprised!

Imagine waking up in a world where a little angel whispers in your ear all the test answers. She tells you about every possible danger. You never have to worry about whether or not a girl likes you. You just know that she will. Anything you want is yours. Everything goes according to plan. And you’re never sick. You are a Law of Attraction manifesting monster! Everything you wish for comes true. This may sound like a dream come true at first, but really let that sink in.

If you knew everything, wanted for nothing, and never had to be on guard, what would you learn? How much fun would that be? What would the purpose of life be?

When you spend time wishing for your troubles to be over, that’s essentially what you are wishing for. A boring life! When you work yourself to the bone to build a future where you don’t have to worry about anything, that’s what you are trying to create. On one hand, it’s impossible. We live in a world of uncertainty. Death, disease, and disasters happen. So do weddings, babies, and surprise visits from old friends. So, on the other hand, it’s boring!

Let yourself be surprised. That which does not kill you really will make you stronger. If you have to work and starve to go through college, it will make you appreciate your education. When you save for that car or house, it will make you cherish it. If your heart gets broken, you just may learn a little something about yourself, other people, or life. All these things exist to give your life meaning and help you grow.

You can worry about them, guard against them, divine the future to prepare for them, or you can let yourself be surprised. Trust that whatever comes your way is exactly the right thing at the right time – even if you hate it. I am sure you can look back right now at something that you hated and laugh about it now, right? This dreadful thing that is coming may be the thing that you will appreciate later. The thing that you anticipate may not leave you with the joyful memories that you think. So why not enjoy everything?

If facing down life’s challenges are not easy, that’s a sign that you need more skill or support. That’s all. Those are easy enough to acquire. And as you gain more skill and more support, it gets easier. Then it gets exciting. When a big monster challenge comes along, you’re like, “Yes! Let’s do this!” And when it’s done, there is nothing like savoring the experience.

It’s all about attitude. Life really is a daring adventure or nothing. Let it be something. It’s your choice.

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