If It Were My Dream…

Yesterday someone came up and asked me if I would listen to her dream and give her some “If it were my dream” feedback. I thought, “Hurrah!”

When science and reason began to push the feminine, intuitive arts out of the window, dreams were no longer seen as important. Gone was the idea of using dreams for medical diagnoses and treatments. Gone were the prophecies and messages from the other side. Dreams were meaningless projections from a slumbering brain.

Our society is so disconnected. We are disconnected from ourselves, our families, friends, lovers, communities, and the larger world. It makes so many aspects of healthy living so much harder than they have to be. This is why I rejoiced when someone asked to share her dream with me. Honoring our dreams is one pathway back to living more consciously.

Here are just some of the things that dreams can do for you.

Gives you a heads up on your health

I once had a dream that my body had a black spot on it. I tried to rub it out and couldn’t. When I woke up, I was so disturbed that I went to the doctor. Sure enough, we caught something at an early stage that could have been a lot worse. Pay attention! Your dreams can be an early warning signal that your body isn’t as healthy as you think it is.

Helps you to solve a problem

Your brain is a great communicator if we just listen. Our conscious mind might spin something over and over trying to find a solution while the unconscious is sending you the perfect solution on a silver platter in a dream. If you want to struggle less, pay attention. This happens all the time. It’s like free life coaching.

Changes the outcome of the past

We can’t change the events of the past, but we can change the outcome. For example, let’s say that while in high school, you were really embarrassed when a girl refused to dance with you. Consequently, you never put yourself at risk in that way again. If you have ever had a dream about that incident, you can use it to change the outcome.

Yes! Once something is dreamt, you can re-enter the dream to see things differently, become more resourceful, or do something different. Any of these things can change the outcome in the here and now. Instead of that being an incident that left you feeling broken and insecure, it can be as if it never happened at all. When that happens, both the present and future are transformed.

Gives you a warning

Sometimes things are hidden from you. Like maybe your best friend is really a snake in the grass. Or maybe you’re about to be hit with a nasty surprise at work. Or it could be the wrong day to travel. Dreams often tell us these things. It’s not always life changing, but it is worthwhile to pay attention anyway. For instance, I had a dream that I was weed wacking and threw a stone that broke my front door glass. I totally forgot about it until about three seconds after that exact thing happened the next day. Had I been more alert, I could have saved $500 in a front door repair.

Brings you comfort

Dreams can be visitations from the other side. Of course there is no way to prove this, but many people report seeing loved ones who have passed on. Their visit usually doesn’t tip them off to who committed the murder or where the family jewels are buried. They are usually just about letting the living know that the departed is okay and that the love continues. This is a really heart warming message to receive.

Don’t wait until you absolutely have to know what a dream means before you start to pay attention to them. You wouldn’t wait until you had to cook dinner for someone to break your first egg. You wouldn’t wait until a book report was due to learn how to read. That would be too late.

Understanding your dreams are as essential to your well-being as cooking or reading. Truly! The easiest way to start to make use of this information is to honor it. Write down your dreams. Share them with other people. Ask, “If this were your dream, what would you make of it?” Get creative. Explore. You may be amazed at how much this enhances your life.

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