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Healing Past Life Energy

After reading books on past life regression, some people think that healing is about experiencing a regression, remembering things from your past, and then the disruptive pattern disappears. That’s not really how it works. Here is a look at what healing past life energy is  really like.

Spontaneous Healing

Sometimes the disruptive pattern is at the surface. It’s causing problems because it wants to be recognized and released. Sometimes the person knows exactly what the pattern is. Sometimes it is hidden. It can be things like: choosing inappropriate partners, being irresponsible with money, the inability to commit, underachieving, giving up, having no self confidence, or indulging in anger.

When you experience regression, it’s like you are both here and there at the same time. (This is an important aspect of it. This is why having someone tell you what your past life was psychically is not as therapeutic as doing a regression). Having that dual perspective while in an altered state (another important component of healing) is sometimes enough to give you the clarity to break out of the pattern. When you have done enough personal growth work on your own before you reach this point, the energy that creates the repeating pattern is often broken spontaneously.

Resistance to Healing

Sometimes people come in for a regression out of curiosity. Maybe they don’t see is as a healing modality. Or maybe they aren’t ready to heal. Whatever the reason, they get the story, connect with it, and then hold on to it. For example, let’s say that “Sheila” has a session where she sees a past lifetime with her father. He is cruel and abusive in the worst ways. He doesn’t provide well for her so she goes hungry and cold. As a small child he makes her cook, clean, and tend the garden and livestock. He neglects her education. He beats her and verbally abuses her. Finally, he marries her off to a man who rapes and brutalizes her. Naturally she hates him.

When she sees all this in her regression, she comes away with an understanding of why her current relationship with her father is so contentious. However, she has no desire to forgive him or put it behind her. So, there is no healing.

This is the client’s choice. We all have free will. This is not some magic trick that descends upon the client regardless of whether she wants it or not. It’s an interactive process that requires willingness on the part of the client to receive the healing. It’s not wrong to decline. The healing will be there when she’s ready to accept it. It doesn’t matter if it’s today, ten years from now, or another lifetime from now. When she’s ready for the energy to dissipate, she has the ability to heal it through love and forgiveness.

If there is a conscious desire for healing, but the unconscious says, “No, you still don’t get it,” the healing will not happen either. The conscious and unconscious need to be in alignment. The energy that is keeping you stuck isn’t here to make you suffer. It’s here to make you learn. Letting go of the energy without getting the learning is not in your best interest.

Healing the Past While Exposing the Work of the Present

Sometimes regression heals the past energy, but there is still work to do in the present. For example, let’s say that “Guy” suffers from shame resulting from sexual assault. He finds out that this pattern started long ago in another life. He does many regressions and is finally able to release the energy of the triggering event and forgive his original abuser and himself. This neutralizes the energy that created the trauma, but it may not do anything for the trauma created in this life.

In a case like this, regression work opens the door for healing, but the person doesn’t have the habits or skills to live a healthy life. Going back to “Guy,” let’s say that his abuse in this life occurred early. He didn’t develop the skills to set healthy boundaries. He didn’t have positive role models. He didn’t have support. He didn’t have a lot of things that would allow him to slip into a healthy flow of life after the traumatic energy was gone. He has to develop those skills now. So his healing journey is just beginning.

Past life regression is not a “get out of jail free” card. It doesn’t absolve you from doing the learning that you have to do. It can make it easier to succeed though because you won’t have this unknown energy sabotaging your efforts.

It’s important to have realistic expectations of healing work. Past life regression can be a very useful and powerful tool, but it’s not a magic wand. You won’t leave a session under a “happily ever after” spell. You might have to do it a few times before you can relax enough to get a good flow of information. Even once the information begins to flow, your past may be complicated and not easy to unravel. You may need many sessions to release it all. Or maybe you need just one, but many follow up sessions of skill building and therapy to heal the present life. All this is normal. The books about past life regression just don’t often include this part.

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