Healing Meditations

Healing meditation can be used to bring calm, tranquility, and healing to yourself, others, and the world. It can happen instantaneously or sometimes it takes a bit more time. You can spend as little as five minutes per day on it or do it for a longer period of time. Here are three examples to get you started.

Getting Started

The set up for all three are the same. To begin a healing meditation, start by sitting in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Take two or three deep breaths bringing the oxygen into your belly with slow, long exhalations. Release any concerns or preoccupations and just sink into your breath. For a few moments, feel or imagine the breath opening and warming the area of around heart until love flows there.

Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)

Once you are centered and in a space of love, see someone who is easy to love in your mind’s eye. If you can’t think of a person in your life right now, perhaps you can choose someone who has already passed on or a pet. Think of what blessings you’d like to be true for you then say or think them as you send them to the one who is easy to love. For example, “May you be happy. May you be well. May you be prosperous. May you be loved.” Send these blessings to that person and allow yourself to feel those blessings being received. Give yourself a moment to fully sink into the intention as you hold that image in your mind.

Now think of someone whom you feel more neutral towards. Repeat the blessing above until it flows easily and has solidly connected. Be sure to send them what you want for yourself. We are all connected. You cannot receive what you withhold from others. By cultivating a loving, open heart, you not only send love into the world and heal others, you heal yourself. So send juicy, wonderful things to others.

Now think of someone who is not easy to love. Repeat the blessing above until the feeling flows easily and naturally. This may take some practice. If it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t worry. Accept it for what it is and try again later.

When that is done, do the same thing for yourself. Some people start with themselves, but I find that many people find it hard to love themselves so when I am teaching it to others, I have them start with what is easy and work towards what is hard.

Be sure to finish by sending love to the world. We’re all in this game together. We all benefit when we have the love and care from someone- even if the source is unknown and far removed from us. If, during this practice, feelings other than love flow, allow them to be as they are. This is a healing meditation. What comes up is what is there. Don’t judge it. It works even when it doesn’t go as intended.

Cloud of Color Healing Meditation

Imagine yourself surrounded by a field of positive energy. You may perceive this as a soothing color, a light, a sound, or a vibration. Now bring your breath through the top of your head as you inhale. Exhale into the earth as you think of happy, loving thoughts to increase the positive energy bubble around you.

Envision this bubble expanding outward to include the person, place, or situation that you want to help until they are also within the bubble. Imagine that the goodness inside this bubble is interacting with the energy field of this person, place or situation and changing it in a positive way.

Now imagine that the bubble responds to your positive intentions. Give it instructions on how to be helpful. Use simple directions like “Enlighten!” “Release!” “Focus!” “Center!” or “Assist!” Note, it’s important to use nonspecific words. For example, don’t send “Love me” to someone who has indicated no interest in you. Instead just send love. You don’t want to interfere with free will or manipulate an outcome. Respect the right to self-determination, trust the universe, and let go of the outcome.

The Dynamind Technique

Think of the person, place, or situation that needs a positive boost or support.

Make a statement like this: “There is a problem and that can change. We want that problem to go away, we want the condition to be healed.”

Make seven taps of your fingertips on the center of your chest, on the web part of each hand, and on the bone at the base of your neck.

Finish by inhaling breath through your crown as you think happy thoughts. Exhale into the earth.


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