To the Rainbows in a Black and White World

Hey, you beautiful, fully sensory creature. I see you. I just wanted you to know that. It can be tough for you to move through the world in a mindful, present, aware state and be surrounded by people who can’t see you, can’t connect, and don’t understand you. You’re not broken. You just speak a different language.

Sometimes there are no words for feelings. Sometimes that feeling is best described by a squeak, squeal, or sigh. So, you express that.

You intuit that words are sometimes too small to capture the intensity of something so you gesture, roll your eyes, and tap your fingers. We’re taught that that’s immature and unprofessional, but you just can’t contain yourself. You must express! “Use your words” just doesn’t cut it.

Somebody invented the musical because I think we all intuitively sense that it’s much more effective for Tony in West Side Story to sing and dance his anticipation than to say, “Something good is about to happen.” Those words just don’t convey the full import of what his body feels. When you have feelings that big, you want to share them in their entirety.

You’re not learning disabled. Your way of being is not a deficit. It’s just unusual. It’s big, tactile, full, and often bold. You’re probably a dancer, artist, healer, or bodyworker. If not professionally than as a hobby or in your heart. You need to experience the world with all your senses. So stand in your authenticity. Do it because it’s honest, it’s you.

Go ahead and laugh out loud, girl. Grunt, click your heels, lean in, making those eyes wide. Do what you do. It may not be well received or understood, but don’t let that be the reason you turn your rainbow existence into black and white. The world needs your color. We all need a bit of boldness to shake us up. You are the Inner Child that many of us have forgotten we have inside. Your fullness can be a beacon to bring others back home. Be the rainbow in a black and white world.

It might sound like I am delivering a “Go, girl” pep talk, but in fact there are cultures who experience the world in fully sensory aliveness all the time. Just look at the cultures that use pictures for writing such as the Chinese, ancient Egyptians, and Native Americans. What we might view as art is actually fully sensory communication that requires the knowledge of the writer, the natural world, and all your senses to deeply interpret. Most of us might see the symbol for “sky” as simply that while the writer could mean “that feeling that you get when it’s been rainy and cloudy for days, then you come outside at night and see a million points of dazzling light on a moonless night.” Does that mean the same thing as “sky.” Hardly!

So, give yourself a break, girl. If you have these moments when you’re feeling inarticulate, can’t convey what you mean, feel inadequate, or are judged by others for this, relax. It’s just your brain trying to reduce something huge into words that haven’t been invented to incapsulate all that you feel. Language grows with society. Be a part of that journey.

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