Stop Waiting for Someday to Live Your Life

Have you ever said something like:

  • I’ll slow down after I get my degree.
  • I’ll be happy when I get married.
  • I will do something nice for myself when my kids are grown.
  • When I have enough money in my retirement account, I will do what I want to do.
  • One day I am going to…

If you have, you are waiting for someday to live your life. Guess what? For some people, that day doesn’t come. For a lot of people, when that day does come, they put new conditions on why they still can’t live their lives. Or others get there and don’t know how to live their lives because they’ve never actually done it.

Does this mean you should not pursue a degree, get married, or prioritize your kids? Of course not. It’s just saying that waiting for someday to be happy, to live, or to love is probably not the greatest plan. There is always a way to live and survive. If you are feeling like you have to make choices that keep you from living fully, perhaps you are not seeing all your options.

I facilitate a lot of past life regressions where people see themselves in lifetimes where they get stumped by something and never get it back together. They are still breathing, but they stopped living. A lot of people in the here and now are like that too only we don’t see it.

If you wonder if you are one of these people, watch the movie Click. It got horrid reviews, but I think it’s a darling of a movie that brilliantly illustrates this point. It’s about a man who loves his wife, kids, and parents. He wants to succeed at work so that he can have the comfort to enjoy them and provide well for them. Unfortunately, he’s having a hard time doing that because the day to day hassles of life get in the way. He obtains a magical universal remote that controls the universe. He can fast forward through life, skipping the parts he doesn’t like. This is the blessing he’s been waiting for – until he realizes that this leads to a lot of unintended consequences.

Sometimes you can’t see a thing when you’re too close to it. Oftentimes we can see ourselves in books, songs, and movies because it just far enough away that it clicks. Watching the movie may help you to gain perspective.

Waiting for someday to live your life isn’t necessary. You really can be happy while you are waiting to find the love of your life. It’s possible to be nice to yourself as you rear your children. You can have a life as you go through school. Your timetable may need to slow down. Your income may not be what you want it to be. There may be other sacrifices to be made, but whatever they are, it won’t be as precious as giving up your time/life.


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