Five Ways to Deal with the Meantime

What do you do when you’re in the meantime?

What’s the meantime? It’s that space between becoming and being. It’s the difference between where we are and where we want to be. Here are some examples:

  • working at a job you hate while waiting for something else
  • being a student instead of a professional
  • that space where you’re making efforts to make new habits, but aren’t quite there yet
  • being single and wanting to be in a relationship or vice versa
  • waiting for something to kick in so that you feel better
  • being a teenager- no longer a child, but not yet an adult

Embrace It

The best thing to do with a meantime that is an in-between space because you don’t like it is to embrace it. Fully live it. Every season has its blessings and lessons. If you check out, complain, or resist it, you won’t experience them. Can you blossom if you haven’t first had a period of rest and gestation? How do you harvest if you didn’t blossom?

We’re always in a place of becoming. Even if we are at the top of our game in our work, something else in our life is in decline. Something else is in its infancy stage. If you see this as natural and normal, it’s easier to be here now. Evolve consciously.

Make Space

Clean up your environment. Update your ideas or attitudes. Release friendships and acquaintances that no longer serve you. Reduce your obligations. All these things create space. If you’re so full of what doesn’t work, how can anything new come in? If your life is too complicated, allocate or downsize.

Continue Learning

Maybe this looks like taking a class, getting counseling, reading, or talking to a mentor. Sometimes the meantime is created by a lack of knowledge. Or maybe it’s created by believing in your own expertise so your mind is closed. When you learn and grow, you can gather the skills and ideas you need to get to the next level.

Practice Healthy Self-Care

You are never going to be top notch if your mind, body, and spirit are not healthy. You have to give time and attention to these things. Nothing runs on auto pilot. You have to put energy into it. Fresh alive food, sleep, mild exercise, prayer, meditation, and a healthy social life are necessary ingredients for a healthy life. In fact, neglecting yourself can even create a meantime.

Practice Beginner Mind

The meantime is full of “I don’t knows.” This can be really scary if you need the security of having a plan and knowing all the answers. There are times when that’s just not available. If you can look at these times as an adventure and engage your curiosity, that paralyzing fear diminishes.

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