Quantum Touch

What is Quantum Touch (QT)?

Quantum Touch is a form of energy balancing. When a person’s energy field is balanced, she returns to wellness.

How does it work?

There are two basic principles behind Quantum Touch: entrainment and the idea that energy follows thought.

Entrainment is a physics phenomenon of resonance, first observed in the 17th century, that has an effect on all of us. It is the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. You can observe this throughout nature. If you mount pendulum type clocks on a common wall, within a few days you will see them beating together. Women living in close proximity of each other will synchronize their menstrual cycles. If you hit the D key on a piano and a violin were nearby, the D string would also vibrate.

“Energy follows thought” comes from the observer effect. Science has proven that light and matter behave differently when we watch. Things don’t exist in the outer world until they first exist in our minds. Therefore energy follows thought. Reality is not fixed. It is fluid and open to influence.

The Quantum Touch practitioner raises her own vibration, then runs energy through herself to the subject with the intention of creating positive change. When the two frequencies collide, the stronger one overcomes the weaker one. Higher vibration results in better functioning.

So you’re a healer?

No. All healing comes from the Creator. I am simply a conduit to make more Life Force Energy available to the client. Generally the more there is, the more healthy the person becomes. It’s not my energy, so I am not drained by the process nor am I giving my own energy away.

Do I have to believe in it in order for it to work?

No. There is no faith component to it. However, the placebo effect is powerful (because energy follows thought)! Why not put your faith and energy into it and increase the benefit?

Can it be used for physical and emotional problems?

Nothing is truly solid. “Solid/physical” objects are just a densing down of energy. Energy work doesn’t differentiate between physical or emotional problems. It just vibrates at a higher frequency and brings everything else with it. So, yes, it can be used for both physical or emotional issues.

I don’t want to be touched. Can it still help me?

America is a low touch society. Science has shown that low touch is associated with lower functioning. The “touch” in Quantum Touch recognizes this and allows for the therapeutic benefits of touch. However, it is done fully clothed and never in inappropriate places. If you still do not want to be touched, don’t worry. Touching is not necessary. In fact, QT can be done long distance. Energy can be directed anywhere.

How quickly can results be seen?

Change is individual. It can be instantaneous. It may take a while. It really just depends on the following:

• Nutritional needs (does their body have the resources to create and sustain change?)
• Willingness to heal (on the surface it’s always “yes,” but underneath?)
• Time (some things take time, such as tissue growth)
• Toxicity or Congestion in the body (definitely hampers healing)
• Severity (intense or severe conditions won’t always heal quickly)
• Emotions and Mental framesets that resist healing

Sometimes people keep a condition because they haven’t learned what they needed to learn from it. All conditions we experience in life have the potential to provide lessons for us. This is especially true of disease, illness, injury, emotional upset, etc. Often a person’s condition is just a wake-up call for them to pay attention to their life. Did they get the message? If not, they may hold on to the condition until the whole process is complete.

If change is not happening, perhaps the energy is being directed to change something else that is not what the client is working on. Maybe the client doesn’t feel she “deserves” it. As Mary Burmeister says, “You can’t heal the body with the same thinking that made it sick.” Change is up to the client. She doesn’t have to believe it, but she does have to accept it.

There is no way to know how many sessions it may take to get lasting change.

What is a session like?

We start in a standing position with some body alignment. The client then sits for the rest of the session. If there is a specific problem area, we will focus there. If not, we just do a body balancing. The body tells us when it is “done.” Sometimes the client feels different sensations like tingling, relaxation, heat or cold, but sometimes not. It is not an indication that it is “working.” Some are just more sensitive than others. The client may also get an upwelling of old emotion that is released when energy pathways are unblocked. This may look like laughter or tears. While not uncommon, it is also not necessary to know that something is “happening.”

Is it like massage?

No, there is no manual manipulation used at all. Touch, if used at all, is very light.

Is there a religious component to it?


Does it go against religion?

You will have to check with your particular religion on this, but generally speaking, no. Many religions use healing touch. Jesus healed the sick through touch. Many saints also did the same.

Since you offer so many types of services, why do I need this?

Different modalities are different pathways to change. Some feel more drawn to one than another. Some work well in conjunction with others. I like energy work because it works on an energetic level. That means it can happen instantaneously. If you could trade 30 minutes of energy work for ten years of therapy, would you? With energy work, you don’t have to know the cause. You don’t have to learn any skills. You don’t even have to acknowledge that a problem exists! All you have to do is allow for the energy shift to happen.

Can I use this for self-help?

Sure. QT is very easy to learn. It doesn’t require formal education, memorizing complicated rituals or anything that an average person would find difficult. In fact, kids and animals respond very quickly so you could use them for your guinea pigs!

How did you get involved with QT?

I am a life-long learner. I am passionate about my work. I am always on the look-out for treatment modalities that are better, faster, safer, and permanent. I have studied Jin Shin Jyutsu and Qigong. I love both of those. QT works better as a self-help modality. I’d rather teach someone to help themselves than to have them dependent upon me for that. Especially when it’s something this beneficial that can be shared with others. QT is also something I can do in every session whether the client is aware of it or not. I feel that it makes me a more effective therapist.