Why You’re Failing at the Law of Attraction

Most of us have heard about the Law of Attraction which is the universal law that says our thoughts create our reality. So, we get clear on what we want, give gratitude for it, and act as if it’s already here. And we manifest some things, but not others. So why are you failing at the law of attraction? Well, Law of Attraction is not the only force at play. Here are some others.

Law of Polarity

The law of polarity says that all things have two opposite energies. You can’t have masculine without feminine, no darkness without light, no wealth without poverty. So, if we are trying to manifest world peace or universal wealth, it’s an impossibility. It goes against the way that nature works in this universe. Looking at this from a smaller scale, you can’t manifest yourself as all good, all powerful, or all anything because that would obliterate your duality. All things have a dual nature.

Law of Relativity

The law of relativity says that all things are only perceivable in comparison to something else. Let’s take love, for instance. Since all things are dual in nature, love is actually on the continuum of love and indifference. So, if we are trying to manifest love in our lives, the only way we know it is to have its opposite in our lives as well.

Think of it this way. Have you ever been on vacation and every day was simply beautiful? You had wonderful food, the sun was shining, you were full of laughter, and were bursting with happiness every moment? How long could you sustain that without longing for something else? A lot of people wish for heaven or a life of comfort, but if you actually have it and nothing else, it loses its appeal. For one thing, it becomes boring. For another thing, it doesn’t feel like anything really because you have nothing to compare it to. All things only have meaning in relation to other things. So if you did get that thing that you wanted, it could find yourself searching for something else to give you meaning.

Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm says that things move in a cycle. The seasons of the year are a perfect example. Winter comes on  December twenty-first. Spring always follows on March twentieth. While the weather may change from year to year, the shortest amount of sunlight is always December twenty-first. Warmer weather always follows the cold, fallow time.

So, if you are trying to manifest a trouble-free lifetime, it doesn’t exist. Everything ebbs and flows. There are times of plenty and times of want. There are times of ease and times of work. Wanting something unrealistic is setting yourself up for failure.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This basically says that everything vibrates. We can change our own vibration through changing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, but we are also subject to the vibrations around us. Since the stronger energy takes the weaker up or down, if you are the weaker energy, you can think, plan, and believe all you want. You’re not going to change the impact of the stronger energy.

For an example of how this might work, imagine that it’s the first day of college. The room feels energized and happy, then your professor walks into the room. He talks in a condescending monotone, smells like stale beer, and projects an air of hostility. You notice that you go from feeling optimistic to somber. What happened? The professor had the stronger energy and brought down the whole room! What this illustrates on a practical level is that your environment matters.

The Law of Oneness

The law of oneness says that everything is connected to everything else. While you have your own distinct energetic imprint, you are part of the whole. If the whole is unbalanced and polluted, that will impact you. Conversely, if you are love and light, you will influence the whole. Since the stronger energy impacts the weaker one, what this suggests is that you will make the biggest impact on your life by uplifting those who are furthest from the center. Bless and accept others’ imperfections. Forgive. Share. Love.

Everything is Just As It Should Be

Finally, the most effective spot from which to manifest anything is when you are in that sweet spot of flow. This is a space of balance where things seem to already be perfect just as they are. It’s a space where your human self meets your spiritual self, and you realize there is nothing to want. So what do you ask for? You realize that your challenges are there to make you stronger. You accept that trying to create short cuts and bypassing your lessons can weaken you in the long run. Perhaps you decide that chasing love, money or fame is a lot of effort that isn’t really in alignment with your values.  When that’s the case, are you really failing at the Law of Attraction? I’d say that you already did a perfect job of manifesting what you need. From this vantage point, you may even want what you have.

None of this is saying that you can’t or shouldn’t manifest your desires. The universe is abundant! Why not have all that you want? There is nothing wrong with achievement, material abundance, happy relationships, or anything else that you can desire. All I am suggesting is that you don’t put yourself down for not having the things you desire. Neither having nor not having has anything to do with who you are inside.

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