Death is Part of Life

Does anyone else ever marvel at how unnatural our lives have become? For example, we send women off to germ filled hospitals to have babies. Up until the 1950s, most births were home births. Now all of sudden birth has become a medical issue.

And what about sex? It’s something that our kids find out about in school as part of health and hygiene. We learn how to do it by watching it on HBO. If there isn’t screaming, arching, and scratching it’s boring. Really?

The really puzzling one for me is death. Other than funerals, we have no rites or traditions around death. We just send people away to hospitals to die. There is no preparation for the dying person or the surviving family. It’s just something that happens mysteriously. We have three days of mourning and then it’s over.

Death can be traumatizing – for the dead person (the spirit still lives) and survivors.  When we see death is part of life, this can help to make the transition easier. So the time to prepare for it is long before it happens. How?

Start by investigating what you believe. Don’t just accept what you always thought because it is what your parents said. Learn about it. Research it. Is this truly what you believe? If it is, and it brings you comfort, embrace it. If it’s not, find something that you can embrace wholeheartedly.

Spend a little time each day being mindful. Observe the cycle of life. Notice when new plants sprout or when baby ducks are born. Notice when the leaves fall each autumn. Spend a little time thinking about your mortality. Have you used this day wisely? Contrary to some beliefs, this isn’t morbid. Accepting death can help you to appreciate the time that you have, make wiser use of it, and live more mindfully. It can also take away the fear of dying.

Investigate the spiritual practices and beliefs of other cultures. It may help you to fill in the blanks of your own thoughts. For instance, did you know the Day of the Dead could date back as far as 3,000 years? It is a festival where the living bring gifts to the dead who come back to visit. Why do they this? It’s a memorial, but it’s also an appeasement of spirits. If your ancestors know you are happy, they can stay peacefully in the spirit world. When they come to visit, it’s also time to ask them for blessings or help with things. If your ancestors are restless, visiting them can bring them peace so that they can move on.

Have you ever heard of a spirit house? I’ve heard there are two different types. One is erected for the spirits of the land. If you keep them happy, they will protect you and give you blessings. If you don’t, they may send negative energy your way. The other type is for the spirits of your dead ancestors. These are erected to give your dead ancestors who don’t successfully cross over an alternative place to stay so that they leave you alone!

In some cultures, when someone dies, his name is no longer spoken. This is so that the spirit is not disturbed or called back to the land of the living.

In other cultures, after the funeral the house is blessed or cleansed so that the deceased does not return.

Are you getting the idea that a lot of cultures felt like consciousness does not end in death? Is that merely because they were superstitious? Or is there something else going on? Do you also get the idea that many cultures wanted to keep the dead and living separate?

Believing in the continuation of consciousness can help people avoid suicide and reduce the fear of death. When you can accept death, it’s easier to let go and be on the other side and not hang around the living. Being a holistic practitioner and minister, I can tell you that what may at first seem like a mental health problem, can be a spiritual one. When I facilitate past life regressions, we always recover the death scene. This is the most frequent place for soul fracture. If death is sudden, violent, or there is unfinished business (“I will get you!” or “I can’t leave you” are two examples), the soul doesn’t cross over. It lingers. It may disturb the living. It may hang around the current life soul and interfere with progress, health, or peace of mind.

When death is seen as a part of life, a normal transition, and nothing to fear, this type of disturbance doesn’t have to happen. We never know when death will take us. We don’t all make it to an old age. We don’t all get to linger in illness preparing for death. Sometimes it comes suddenly. If you have some familiarity with it and have a living belief about it (as opposed to a passing idea that you don’t give any energy to), death can be as natural as the changing of seasons.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to some strange hospital chaplain or nurse to help you with that transition. Plan for it. Think about it. Death does not have to be scary. It can be natural. If someone has passed on, let them go. They hear you if you call on them. They hear you if you feel you can’t go on without them. Holding them here isn’t good for you or them. As for you, if you are acquainted with the afterlife, you can transition easily and without fear.

If you need help with grief, soul fragmentation, or spirit attachment, contact me. I will be glad to help if I can.

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