Embrace Your Duality

The Law of Duality (or Law of Polarity) tells us that all things have what appears to be an opposite. However, the poles are simply extremes of the same thing. For example, we only know light because there is darkness. We know day because there is night. There is wealth and poverty. Using temperature as […]

Be Still

Do have questions? Do you want answers? Stop. Be still.┬áThe answers you seek are right in front of you. You just have to learn to sense them. The first step is to be still. Still your eyes. We spend a lot of time hiding from the things that we don’t want to see that we […]

How to Become Less Judgmental

It’s normal to be judgmental. It’s a function of how the brain works. It’s how we make sense of reality. We see a thing and compare it to other known things. Is it small, big, familiar, strange, pleasant, or unpleasant? Verbalizing that is an extension of our thought process. However, making negative judgments – whether […]

Work With The Universal Laws to Create Harmony

Lots of people use control as a means of staving off fear. We might get a degree to reduce the fear of poverty. We might get married to avoid the fear of loneliness. We might verbally attack someone to avoid the fear of them hurting us. It’s an effective short term strategy. However, being driven […]