Bigger, Better, Faster

I got a post card in the mail today advertising a workshop that promised to “take your spirituality to the next level.” Hm. It doesn’t sound very spiritual to me, but this seems to be the pitch of every self-help guru out there. They are all promising bigger, better, faster. If you’re feeling that something is missing, the best way to not attain it is to go chasing for the next big high, a deeper spiritual connection, a new car, a younger woman, or anything else that creates a big bang in your life.

Why? Because chasing bigger, better, faster keeps you from living in the now. Everything right now is just as it should be. Chasing the big thrill is a distraction that will leave you feeling emptier at the end of the day.

Life happens in cycles. There is birth, growth, maturity, then death/gestation/renewal. It’s impossible to always stay in the realm of the harvest/maturity. Before a thing takes form, it must first have a period of gestation. Then it needs to be brought into existence. To grow to maturity, you have to nurture it. Moving through that process provides lots of opportunities for growth that are just as important as getting to the big pay off. It’s the process that makes it both possible and meaningful, not the size of the payoff.

When you live a mindful life, you squeeze the juice out of every moment. So, you feel full all the time. When you are full, your desire for “pow”  diminishes. You don’t go for the big payoff or outward signs of success because there is nothing lacking. There is no space to fill. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful leader in your field, millionaire, or spiritual guru. It just puts all that in its proper place. It becomes a side effect of how you’ve lived your life instead of the goal.

When you live a mindful life, you learn faster. You’re life has meaning. You see the lessons in each cycle and make choices that support where you are, not where you want to be. For example, if you are in the gestation phase, you work on development. If you don’t have a fully formed plan or idea and you are trying to get a big payoff, that’s not really likely to happen, is it? If you race to the next big event as you are birthing something new, you aren’t really enjoying what you created, are you? So let go of the outcome. After all, fireworks every day gets to be boring.

Be here now. Let life surprise you. You may be delighted with how it all turns out.

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