Be Still

Do have questions? Do you want answers? Stop. Be still. The answers you seek are right in front of you. You just have to learn to sense them. The first step is to be still.

be stillStill your eyes. We spend a lot of time hiding from the things that we don’t want to see that we make ourselves blind to things that are practically billboard sized. Things like I don’t know if I should…. or I don’t know how I feel are not truthful observations. The truth is something more like I don’t like the choices that are in front of me. When you still your eyes, the things you don’t want to see will come into focus. They are there whether you want to see them or not. Have courage.

Still your tongue. If you listen to what most people talk about, most of what is said is said to attain sympathy or make the speaker more important. Very little of it is used to impart information, increase understanding, or create intimacy. If you stopped to clarify your thoughts before you spoke and spoke only when you had something useful to say, you’d solve most of your own problems yourself. Conversation would slow to a trickle. You’d become more comfortable with silence. You’d also be able to start hearing the answers that come from nature and the universe.

After all, there are no secrets. We’re all one. How could their be? Your mental and verbal chatter is one of the ways that you separate yourself. Stop that and you can feel more connected to everyone and everything else.

If you’re saying, “Wait. I am an intellectual. I make sense of my world by asking questions and talking about things.” Okay. I am an intellectual too. I like ideas and information, and I can tell you that everything you need to understand can be explained more easily through the heart. Just listen.

Still your mental chatter. This mental chatter is static we produce to keep us from hearing what our hearts are saying. Trust yourself. Killing the messenger doesn’t make the message less real. It only prolongs the delivery of the truth. If you could know your husband was cheating now or a year from now, which would you choose? If you could know that the one you love loves you too, would you want to know that now or a year from now? Be still. That information is available to you right now.

Still your body. Your body is a miraculous barometer. It can tell you when things are out of balance, when you’ve eaten something that wasn’t good for you, when you are in danger, and so many other things. Lots of people stay so busy. They are going, going, going, and never rest. Your body needs rest to repair itself. It needs downtime to speak to you. If you run it into overdrive all the time, it loses the energy and ability to do that. All it can do is scream. You want to hear your body whisper. You need to be still for that.

be stillWhen you are able to be still within yourself, expand that to the world around you and you will notice that your experience of the world increases tremendously. Have you ever heard a plant sing? Yep, plants can sing. You may not be able to hear them with your ears, but if you are still, you may hear them with your heart. Have you ever heard of a horse whisperer? It’s a real thing. Some people can communicate nonverbally with animals.

The whole world is an orchestra of singing, laughing, and crying, and you’re missing it! You’re missing out on hearing it and participating in it.  Maybe it’s because you just never learned how to be still or maybe it’s because you’re in so much pain yourself that you don’t want to hear the bad parts. The dissonance in a song is often the most lovely part. It’s the part that makes the music interesting. Live it. Learn from it. Embrace it. It will only hurt for as long as you resist it. Everything is cyclical. Everything ends. It’s worth a little pain to experience the huge amounts of joy in the world.

There is so much certainty in the world if you just learn to hear its language. Be still. Practice observing and tuning in. You can’t tune into the world around you without also tuning into yourself. When you can do that, you will learn to hear the answers, trust your body, and live with more harmony.

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