Healing Past Life Energy

After reading books on past life regression, some people think that healing is about experiencing a regression, remembering things from your past, and then the disruptive pattern disappears. That’s not really how it works. Here is a look at what healing past life energy is ┬áreally like. Spontaneous Healing Sometimes the disruptive pattern is at […]

You Can’t Think Your Way to Spirituality

Once there was a well known philosopher and scholar who devoted himself to the study of Zen for many years. On the day that he finally attained enlightenment, he took all of his books out into the yard and burned them all. ~Zen parable A lot of people approach spirituality from a head space. They […]

The Three Stages of Growth

There are three stages of growth. If you do the right tasks at the right time, you will progress much faster. They are: crisis, working, and maintenance. Crisis Crisis is when problems exceed your skills to deal with them. This could be emotional, such as when you are crying about something and just can’t stop. […]